Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Are You Gluten Sensitive And Don't Know It?

More and more often I find myself talking about possible ways to help digestive issues in my feng shui consultations. Digestion is considered an earth element issue as well as a "Relationship and Love Gua" issue (because it includes the stomach and abdomen), so be sure to check those traditional things out. (I like to do these first to see what kind of shift I can get.) Then, if you want to further support your health, you might consider supporting yourself by cleaning up your diet - at least for a while - to see if you see a shift towards health.

If you are prone to excessive gas, chronic stomach ache (including possible diarrhea), or find yourself buying the Costco-size jar of antacids, you might consider going gluten and soy free. I am sensitive to both (as well as all beans and some nuts) and once I figured this out and stopped eating these things, my world improved immensely!

How did I figure this out? It was practically a bet. I went to so many doctors and alternative practitioners to try to solve this problem, and one day I went to this guy that said, "Oh, you're just gluten sensitive is all." I said, "Gluten sensitive? Can't be. I eat it all the time!" (You see, I expected a run to the emergency room for an epi-pen injection if I ate something I was allergic to or sensitive to, but I was wrong.) And he said, "Stop eating it for 2 weeks and come back and we'll discuss it." Well, if there's an "I dare you" throw-down nearby to get into, you can count me in. I thrive on being told I can't do something. I find it very motivating! So I did. And darn it, they guy was right. I was euphoric-feeling. No gas, no bloating, no stomach-ache or bloating.

What is gluten? A glue-y binding agent found in some grains (like wheat, rye, and some oats.) It is also hidden in many other odd edibles, like psyllium; a common fiber source. Oh, and I forgot…any grain alcohol might be bothersome. Bummer, I know. You can check out this link for more info. You might not believe this one, but even gluten-free items made with regular vanilla can bother people because of the spec of alcohol the vanilla mixed with in the extract.

Now soy on the other hand,…most people think that would be easy to avoid….no tofu, or miso…and voila! But no. Check the ingredients of practically any pre-packaged product and you'll see "soy lecithin" on the list.

If it helps: I dare you! Stop eating gluten and soy for two weeks and let me know the results!

Karen Rauch Carter is a professional feng shui educator,consultant, and the best- selling author of Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life. She coaches, trains, and empowers people to use simple and advanced feng shui techniques to enrich and improve all areas of their lives. Learn fundamental feng shui concepts and read the first chapter of her book by clicking: http://www.karenrauchcarter.com

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