Friday, December 18, 2015

Benefits of meditation?

Meditation is an act of controlling your mind. Whatever you've heard, the objective of meditation is 100% absolute focus. What you focus on is up to you and the form of meditation you are practicing. A few of the options are:

1. your breathing--nothing more and nothing less
2. a mantra, saying or affirmation
3. an ideal such as love or gratitude
4. a problem, such as how you are consumed with desire or suffering
5. a quiet mind (opinions on what this is vary)
6. swaying or some other form of rhythmic movement
7. a repetitive sound such as a beating drum, heart, etc.

The practice of meditation provides the benefits one might expect from a mental giant who controls his or her mind well. These cover a range of primarily mental and emotional abilities but can also touch upon physical strengths and possibly even diagnoses.

The first thing you might notice when meeting a person who has meditated regularly for a long time is the bright stillness of his or her eyes. I remember a disability insurance salesman who persuaded me more by his deep aqua eyes than by his presentation.

How could someone so still be dissembling or dishonest? His very eyes seemed to see my soul and exactly what I needed and could afford.

The second thing you may realize when talking with a meditator is they do not seem to be glancing around, looking for what's going on in the background, or at their watch. They do not appear to be considering what they will say next. You wonder what you will say after they say what they are going to say, but it is clear they have not yet decided what they will say because they are so alertly, intently still listening to you.

Could it be mediators put their own emotions through the same listening process? They certainly seem less frequently buffeted to and fro than a person who has not learned mental control. A hackneyed Psychology 101 question comes into play here: "Do you run because you are scared, or are you scared because you are running?" You may think fear sets off screaming, and it might. But screaming sets off far more fear, as you know if you enjoy horror movies!

What do greater focus, improved stillness and emotional control do to one's body? Is it possible the acceptance meditation engenders lowers blood pressure, thus reducing the chances of heart attacks and stroke? Studies bear out these benefits and more. But for a quick "Do-I-Need-This" check, wouldn't you really enjoy people listening attentively to your eyes? The Effortless Meditation Solution . . . Deep Zen!

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