Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Creating your Reality by Ian Legg

The reality window, as we have accepted it for generations, is no longer valid. Too many people are finding how to step outside it. Under certain conditions, your mind can "escape" from the restrictions of this universal window. As an increasing number of individuals experience these "impossible" alternatives, universal human consciousness changes. When a critical number of people can achieve these alternative realities, then, like th 100th monkey theroy, everyone will suddenly "know" that these things can be done... a form of evolution

Subconscious Programming

So we´ve discovered how visualization works, but why can´t everyone archieve ther goals by using this technique ? .... because even if you use concentrated intent and deep emotion, it still needs repetition. Creating new thoughts and images in your head requires building new connections between the neurons in your brain. At first these connections are weak. You´re cutting through years of ingrained habitual thoughts. However the more this connection is made, the stronger it gets, and the visualization becomes more effective. Now one of the best ways to reinforce this repetition is through subconscious programming.

When you are in the alpha state it is possible to communicate and program your subconscious by planting suggestions. This can create automatic and dramatic changes in your thoughts, behaviour, actions and ultimately the results you get in life. This is how hypnosis works. For example by planting suggestions directly to the subconscious that smoking disgusts you etc, and using constant repletion, people who have been struggling to quit smoking for years can suddenly lose the urge after a few hypnosis sessions. The main problem with hypnosis, is that you must be in the alpha state, or beyond, for the hypnotist´s suggestions to be effective. Many people struggle to quiten their "mind chatter" and reach these relaxed alpha levels. Many people have a similar problem with meditation.

As people drift of to sleep at night they naturally fall into the alpha level ... so many of the revolutionary programs in the research simply involve you listening to special audios as you fall asleep.

But the research takes it further still.... Dream Programming is basically BRAND NEW knowledge ... known only to a small number of eastern practitioners and a few perceptive Western researchers. It allows people to cure their mind and body through therapeutic dreams, including how to completely reverse moods of depression, by simply preprogramming up the necessary dreams.

The inner senses have an electromagnetic reality and the mental enzymes act as sparks, setting of inner reactions. In the dream state these reactions are easily triggered. A destructive attitude can be changed overnicht in the dream state because the whole electromagnetic balance has been changed. Such healing dreams are often triggered automatically when the self feels a sense of desperation. Often there is an almost instantaneous regeneration and spontaneous cure. The same happens in less startling cases where a merely annoying health condition suddenly disappears. Through pre programmed dreams these therapeutic results can easily be bought about with minimal practice and effort. The use of this dream self-suggestion in bringing about constructive dreams is of great benefit.

The World of Alpha

For many years the psychology field assumed it was impossible for a person to drop voluntarily down to alpha and retain consious thinking control. Alpha is the state where your brain rhythm tend to "centre" around cycles per second (cps). It was also assumed that once a person entered alpha (like a daydream state), they would be unable to direct their thoughts and probalbly fall asleep. This was until Jose Silva demonstrated otherwise. He proved conclusivley that people could operate consciously in alpha and retain control of their thinking at the same time. These days there are people who can drop down to a lower level of Theta (3-7 cps) and still maintain conscious control! There are even a handful of people who can drop down to mind-awake-body asleep in delta!

What is happening at this level is that your conscious and you subconscious mind are operating simultaneously, giving you an increase in mental capacity and opening up your 6th sense. Women tend to use both brain ´hemispheres when solving problems wich may give them extra intuitive capacity.

It was also discovered that a person could drop to alpha with their eyes open (you do this when you daydream) wich offered another major advantage for the business executive. But to all intents and purposes the alpha state is considered to be similar to a light self-hypnotic state. At least the outcome with regard to positve and habit-transforming programming is the same. The biggest overall advantage in business, of getting your right intuitive brain fully operational, is the ability to "intutively know" what the other person is thinking and what their real objections are. Not their "professed" objections but the real unspoken ones. By using a special alpha technique, you can actually pre-program to find out what it is they really want in advance. This gives the businessman or woman a tremendous advantage when the actual "cruch" times comes!

And it is an observable fact that those who practice alpha/theta techniques tend to progress quickly up the ranks - all else being equal. The reason - you have developed mind powers that others simply do not have. And if you use the regularly you have a massive advantage that others are totally unaware of. This is why most mind-course graduates seldom ever mention ther trainings to outsiders. The whole field of mind-power in the western world is in its infancy. And because it will make a lot of people nervous there will not be too much media education about it. It will creep up on us in the same manner that computers have. Who would have believed 35 years ago that computers would become part of our lives?

Ian Legg from the Super Mind Evolutions System

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