Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Parts of the Whole

Indigenous people from all over the world have understood the power of energy. They didn't have microscopes or sophisticated equipment to study matter and atoms. They had something much more powerful, their imaginations. Today, after centuries of disagreement, scientist and spiritualist agree that virtually everything in our world is made out of energy.

Some cultures call it chi, others call it ashé, but all acknowledge the fact that there is a world, a plane of existence that is invisible, naked to the human eye. Energy in simple terms; is a source of power that shapes our existence. Energy vibrates at its own unique speed. Like-minded organisms vibrate in similar ways, but no two organisms are exactly alike. Energy from opposite spectrums such as male and female, or ying and yang can join together to create an electric charge or spark.

Energy can be physical or subtle. Physical energy is more stagnant and concrete. While subtle energy is more flowing and invisible. Just think of subtle energy as being the blueprint, or instructions manual used to create physical matter. When something isn't working properly, we normally refer back to the users manual to see if all the parts fit together naturally. The basis of all energy work is to get the body and soul to work as one harmonic unit.

If the body isn't working properly, or in extremely bad cases the body is diseased or ill, there is a tremendous misbalance of energy. Today, prescription drugs and surgery are commonly used to change the vibrational frequencies in the body. Our ancestors were able to alter our physical states by entering into altered states of consciousness. This state allowed them to travel to another plane of existence called the subtle world. By traveling to the subtle world they were able to diagnose pending and reoccurring problems. Some even got instructions on what herbs or remedies to use to cure a certain ailment or disease.

Subtle energy is incredibly important because it can stretch beyond time and space. It can change form and it can occupy many places at once. Remember, It works as a template for physical matter. Subtle energy actually exists within physical matter, just on a different plane or continuum. There are many ways to enter the subtle world. Many healers will enter into a trance, or conduct a brief meditation. Others may need to be possessed or mounted by a certain spirit and or guide to lead them into the world of the invisible. These are all ways to enter into the subtle world where virtually everything is created!

The first step to really understanding energy, ashé, chi, is to understand that energy is mostly invisible. We give it instructions on how to operate, and if we are not happy with how our bodies or lives are operating, then we can change it. We can refer back to the users manual and truly understand all the components of our being to evolve to be a single, harmonic unit.

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