Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Plants That Thrive In A Bathroom

Many people think that the bathroom is not the place for plants and whilst it is true that not every plant likes the environment, it is also true that some plants thrive in a bathroom. For instance a shower will create high levels of humidity and some plants that require misting do well in the muggy atmosphere of a bathroom.

Another challenge some bathrooms can offer is low lighting, if this is the case in your bathroom then choose plants that don't require a large amount of light. All plants require sunlight to photosynthesise but some plants require low levels of light.

The Chinese evergreen.

The Chinese Evergreen is a classic example, it has elegant silver green leaf and has a wide range of light tolerance from low light to bright light although it does not like to be in direct sunlight. It prefers a low ambient temperature and a minimum amount of light.


The philodendron plants are characterised by their heart-shaped leaves and they make a perfect bathroom plant, they prefer low light, they dislike direct sunlight but they need an ambient temperature of around 50° Fahrenheit to survive.

The African violet

The African violet is native to Tanzania and Kenya and there are over 20 varieties of the plant. Although the plant requires eight hours of darkness today it does require a little light to thrive. They prefer an ambient temperature of over 60° Fahrenheit to grow well and flower. They do very well in bathrooms but the only proviso is that they prefer being watered from the bottom.

The peace lily

The peace lily is another plant that doesn't require a lot of light and the leaves tend to go yellow when they are placed in a position that receives direct sunlight. Although the peace lily likes to do be watered often it grows better when it is allowed to dry out between watering. Visually the plant is very attractive with dark green leaves and white flowers.


The Aspidistra plant was popular Victoria Times and it is very sturdy because it requires very low levels of light. It can thrive even when it's very dry it is an attractive plant for the bathroom because it grows very tall and its dark green leaves have striking white stripes. It is a good plant to grow on the floor to balance a hanging plant nearby.


The Dracaena is another plant which is visually attractive because it is quite bushy and also requires low levels of light.

The Boston Fern

The Boston Fern is one of the most popular ferns because they can reach up to 5 feet across which makes it a spectacular plant for a bathroom if you are going to have just one standalone plant. The optimum position for a Fern is between four and 6 feet from a sunny window which gives the plant perfect in direct sunlight. If the Boston Fern doesn't get enough light to the bathroom it will wither. 

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