Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Thoughts Are Things Scott F Paradis

Be careful what you think and say, wrote Prentice Mulford in his 1889 classic: "Thoughts are Things", thought runs in currents as real as those of air and water. What you think in mind and empower in speech you attract for good or ill. Mind is the power governing your body and your life. Thought is a real force. Whatever you persistently imagine or think, comes into your life.  What is written here is a compilation, a summary of sorts, of Prentice's insights.

Nothing in nature - nothing in the Universe is at a standstill. New thought is new life. The spirit cannot grow old anymore than sunlight can grow old. The real self, the spirit, courts change. Looking back retards the advance toward greater power and greater pleasure. Look forward. Focus your thought on increasing life.
Referring to Saint Paul's entreaty, Prentice observes: We all pray without ceasing. Our thoughts and our actions are prayers. We just must learn to pray for good. What the human mind demands, in time, it gets. The reason for life's being so unhappy is that as we do not know the law, so we go against it, and reap pain instead of pleasure. In our struggles we learn lessons and become stronger.

The law for beauty and the law for perfect health are the same. Both depend entirely on your state of mind; that is - the kind of thoughts you most put out and receive. You can make of your mind a magnet to attract health or weakness. Happiness lies in controlling your thoughts and drawing thought from healthy sources.

You attract love in proportion to your admiration of every expression of the Infinite, be that expression tree or shrub, insect or bird. The more Natural things you really love, the more their love flows to you. See clearly the good in all, including yourself. A higher love for self benefits others as well as yourself. Depend on the Supreme power. Feelings guide the way.

Divinity is contagious. Confer with others of like mind. Associate with positive people; people whose thoughts advance your cause. The more minds focusing on a single purpose, the faster that end will manifest.

No quality of mind is needed more to succeed than courage - courage to act and courage to think. Maintain courage in the face of danger by holding your mind to the task to be done in the instant.

Ultimately every mind must stand entirely alone. You cannot accumulate your neighbor's powers; you can only grow and use yours alone. Everyone has a unique path. In a sense, you cannot aim your own life. Destiny aims your life to an ever-increasing, unlimited capacity for happiness. You cannot stop growing, despite all appearances to the contrary. Never acknowledge an impossibility. What is possible for some is possible for all. Draw from the right source - the Supreme. All earnest calls are answered, something will always come to show you the right way.

Genius knows no "old master". Desire belies ability. If you desire - begin. With belief and persistence you can learn anything. Focus and have fun. Learn as at play.

What you give in thought you get. Forgive and forget. Let go of negative thoughts, the need to judge, and the inclination to condemn. Then life becomes one glorious advance forward from the pleasure of today to the greater pleasure of tomorrow. The phrase "to live" comes to mean "to enjoy".

Scott F. Paradis, author of "Promise and Potential: A Life of Wisdom, Courage, Strength and Will" publishes "Insights" available for free at

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