Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Way To The Center

Start with breathing exercises and close your eyes. Visuallize that you are standing at the top of a staircase in a dark so complete you can´t see your hand in front of your face. Picture your body as it is standing on top of that staircase. Surround yourself with the colour red. Your whole body is enveloped in the colour red as you step down on step. Remember to breathe. On the next step you are surrounded by orange feel the colour orange and than step down one more step. Feel your body relax and while you step down, let the colour orange change into a warming yellow. Suffuse your aura with that yellow glow remembering to breath deeply and evenly. Take another step down slowly the yellow changes into a rich green light. Your muscles are relaxing more and more as your mind becomes clearer.

You are enveloped in blue light as you step down again. You are nearing the bottom of the stairs and are almost completely relaxed. Surround yourself by the colour lavender and feel its properties enter your body. It lifts your energies to a state where you can work in your centre and it frees your mind to accomplish anything. Take another step down and see that you reached the bottom step. In front of you is a wonderful fountain of white light. Take the last step down and go to the fountain. Climb into it and bath in the light feel it cleanse you, entering your body and purifing its energies as it clears your mind.

You are no longer in the dark. In front of you is a forest, picture the forrest what kind of trees are in the woods? Are they densely packed, or more thinly placed? Is there  a great deal of underbrush, or non at all. Can you see the sky above you, or is the leafy canopy to thick blocking out the sun. Take a moment to explore what the edge of the forrest is like, dont enter it yet, just look at it and discover what makes it special for you. Walk to the edge of the forrest now. Before you is a path leading into the woods. Visualize the path and take in how its looks, smooth, narrow, uphill or down, step on it and follow the path into the woods. Beside the path is a stream look as you walk and explore as you walk. Your path leaves the forrest and you find yourself at the edge of a field.

This fiel is the outer part of your center it is surrounded on all sides by forrest, and the path you have just left is the only one into or out of the field. Explore the field the more you see the more you discover a place that is in all details unique to you. Your center is your work area. Its a place wher you can go to be allone. Its the seat of your soul. Nothing here can ever hurt you unless you give it permission to. You can never get lost in your forrest you are allways completely safe there, but it is a good idea to white light the field after you enter it so that if any harmful energies follow you down the stairs and aren´t cleansed by the fountain white light, they will be unable to follow you into the field.

Your central chamber is only accesible from this field. ther is no door from the outside to git in just picture yourself there. It is a room with walls a floor and a ceilling. Picture your room as you like it and make the room completely yours. Just stay in your room as long as you wish remain there till you feel relaxed and refreshed. Than leave your central chamber by picturing yourself outside. Go back the path that let you there, follow it through the forrest back to the fountain of white light. You may bath in it again if you like. When you are through got to the steps and climb the first step. You are beginning to rise up to meditation level, with each step higher your mind is coming back to the conscious level. As you continue to climb the steps feel yourself coming back. When you reach the top of the stairs reorrient yourself before opening your eyes.

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