Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Blaming God For Your Problems? by Susan Russo

"Peace on the outside comes from knowing God on the inside." -Author Unknown

When something good happens to us we say, "Thank God!" (By the way, whatever your idea or beliefs of what God is, i.e. Allah, Higher Power etc. Just substitute it where I use God, and for those of you who don't believe in God, sorry and good luck.) Now where was I, oh yes, when good things happen we are so happy and we thank God for this or that blessing.

But...when things go bad we question why God would do something like this to us. How could God be so cruel knowing how much we wanted this relationship and how long we've waited for it, or he knows you needed and wanted a certain job, or a particular house or after all of the years you've given to this person now they are gone, or whatever it is, how dare God rip this away from you and not give you what you wanted.

Well, has it ever occurred to you that maybe this person or job or thing wasn't the best thing in your life but you simply couldn't see it for whatever reason, either because you are so blinded by your emotions or you are paralyzed by the fear of not having it and your life changing from the familiar to the unknown is more than you can bare?

Many times you will see the signs but you ignore what you see. Deep down you know this isn't exactly right for you but you'd rather deny what you see so you can still have what YOU think is the best for you rather than telling yourself the truth and risking losing what YOU believe is so wonderful.

The writing is on the wall staring you in the face but you are so afraid to lose for many reasons; you don't want to start over, you question your self-worth wondering what is wrong with you that this person didn't want you or left you. You begin to believe that nothing will ever work out for you and you lose hope for a better future etc.

And, has is ever occurred to you that maybe, just maybe, God has something better in store for you and because you don't trust in God or the life process you fight "what is" and then you suffer.

Instead of blaming God, why not trust that this is simply part of your journey through life? Perhaps there is some major lesson YOU needed to learn and this person or circumstance entered your life so you can learn and grow from it.

But when you blame God for your problems it shows that you may not understand what the journey through life is all about. Let's face I, there isn't one single person on earth who hasn't experienced heartache, pain, loss, betrayal etc. But what does God have to do with it?

Remember, you made the choice to be with this person when you probably knew you shouldn't have, God didn't force you to be with them. You chose to walk down a certain path when the signs where pointing you in another direction.

Or, maybe the signs were all good and you believed this to be the best thing. Well guess what? Does that mean that it's God's fault that you didn't get that job or the person or the house you wanted? That's life. Period.

And, until you can learn to accept change you will suffer every time being attached to an outcome that didn't work out the way you wanted and get clear on one thing, that is your choice. If you want to suffer then go ahead or, you can know with every fiber in your being that God is guiding you to a better place if you let him.

Adversity enters your life and you become a stronger, wiser person. Many times it is this exact adversity that brings you closer to God rather than distancing you from him. But acceptance is what you do when you have faith and trust.

Having faith in God and life and love is a gift you give yourself. Take time each day to quiet your mind and listen for God's guidance. Learn to go within to connect with the love, peace and harmony that are already in your life. And each day, no matter what happens you will be blessed with the grace that only comes when you truly believe.

Let go of the past hurts and disappointments. Forgive whomever and whatever has caused you pain and release it. Move on to a place that will bring you the kind of joy and love that is yours already and that you so richly deserve to experience. It all comes down to choosing.

Susan Russo is an author and coach whose work has inspired people from all over the world to take back their power! Would you like to empower yourself to do the same? Discover Susan's 7 Keys to unlock your power and live the life you deserve!

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