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Self Hypnosis The Trance Induction by Shawn Carson + video

This articles lays out the benefits of self hypnosis and the techniques for going into a trance. Self hypnosis is taught to all of our clients and nlp training students in New York who enjoy the benefits of being able to go into trance whenever they want or need

Why learn self hypnosis? Things can make us feel overwhelmed. During the past week I was working on my personal tax return as well as several client projects. The financial markets were in melt down and my wife was fretting over the beating our investments were taking. One of my colleagues called me with some outrageous demand on my time I felt like screaming at him. However I was able to use self hypnosis to relax, refocus and respond in a calmer and more resourceful way!

In these troubling times it is easy to feel overwhelmed when we need all the calm and concentration we can muster. Of course we learn meditation or other techniques to find a calm space inside, however for a more rapid solution, self hypnosis may be the answer.

This makes self hypnosis a wonderful skill to have. We can become instantly calm and relaxed. This allows us to make better decisions, let go of uncomfortable memories and perform better in any area of our life we wish.

What Hypnosis Isn’t! There is a myth that we lose control when in a hypnotic trance. This is not true. Hypnosis allows us to become stronger and more resourceful.

As for the belief that you may lose control, I am reminded of the story of the lady who went to a hypnosis stage show. She volunteered to be one of the audience members hypnotized on stage and proved her self very adept. She carried out every outrageous suggestion that the hypnotist gave; she quacked like a duck, and walked like a chicken. However, when the hypnotist suggested that the stage was a disco and everyone should dance she stood perfectly calmly and perfectly still, not joining in. After the show, the hypnotist approached her privately and asked her why she had joined in with every activity except the dancing. She replied, “Well, you see, in my religion, we don’t dance”. The fact Is that you are fully in control during hypnosis, it is just that critical voice that often stops you from enjoying yourself that is silenced.

How to start self hypnosis: What is the first step in self hypnosis? It’s experiencing a hypnotic trance. A hypnotic trance is really little more than a very deep and profound level of relaxation. It goes without saying that you should not experience trance while driving a car, operating machinery or being otherwise involved in something that requires you attention.

Find a suitable chair to sit in. We suggest it is not too comfortable so you don t get so relaxed you go to sleep! Choose a time to practice when your can be undisturbed for 20 minutes.

The following represents one way to begin to experience trance. Become familiar with the instructions so you can easily give them to yourself without having to read them!

1. Once you have selected a chair, select a point on the wall in front of you and above eye level and stare at it.

2. Notice your breathing, breathe in, and relax out. With each breath out, feel a wave of relaxation wash over your body,
from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

3. Feel yourself sinking into a wonderfully relaxed state and say the following to yourself three times:

a. I am going deeper into trance

b. Any noises I hear will taker me deeper into relaxation

c. If anything around me requires my attention, I will instantly awake, refreshed and alert
1. Go even deeper into a state of deep relaxation. Feel your eyes getting more relaxed and feeling heavy. Still looking at the point   on the wall, allow your eyes to open and close, opening as you breathe in and closing and you breathe out. When your eyes are totally relaxed allow them to remain closed, relaxing even more with each breath.

2. When your eyes feel so relaxed that you feel you could not open them if you tried, only then test them. Try to open them or notice if they just remain closed.

3. Feel your eyes stay closed and know that you are now in trance. As you relax even further, feel how good that feels.

4. Congratulate yourself on having a great hypnotic skill.

5. Now you can tell yourself: I can easily and rapidly return to this relaxed state whenever I wish by squeezing my left forefinger and thumb together and breathing out to a count of 3 2 1. Repeat this instruction 3 times.

6. Tell yourself that you will become happier, healthier, more confident and more successful with each day that passes. Repeat this   three times.

7. Now say As I count from one to three I will come fully awake feeling alert and refreshed. One, two, three! I am beginning to awaken. 2 eyes opening, feeling good. 3 feeling fully awake, alert and great!
Shawn Carson (c) is a Hypnotist and Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner and Trainer offering NLP training in New York.  The following is a weight-loss youtube video by Zoe Featherstone, just click on the arrow!

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