Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Lucid Dreaming

Learning how to have a lucid dream is a very good and natural way of working on increasing your spiritual growth and development. It can help you awaken to more of your untapped inner abilities.You may have already experienced it once or twice without consciously trying to enter this state and now you would like to know how to have a lucid dream on a regular basis or at will. Well the good news is that because it is a natural process it can be easily repeated and you can learn how to do it on a regular basis or at will.

Some people seem to be born with the ability to either wake up in a lucid dream state and consciously participate in the dream or they may have the ability to quickly and easily enter a lucid dream state at will. However for most people it will take some time and conscious work on developing this ability. And while it is important to be aware that there are many different ways that you can learn how to have a lucid dream, most of them all come down to following these 3 basic steps in one form or another.

How To Have A Lucid Dream In 3 Simple Steps

You should try and plan this time well in advance. A good way to do this is to schedule a two - four week time period where you will be working on this goal as consistently as possible.

Here are the basic steps that you can follow : Step 1.) Allow your body to fall asleep - This can be done by getting in a comfortable resting position that you are used to falling asleep in but do not go to sleep.

Step 2.) Focus on observing your dreams - Tell yourself that you are going to let your body fall asleep while you observe your dreams. This will help to re-enforce your desired intention. Once you have gotten to the point where you can consciously observe yourself dreaming, you will then be able to consciously participate and have more control over your dreams.

Step 3.) Practice, practice, practice. Because you are learning to use your conscious mind in a whole new way, there is bound to be a lot of trial and error (failed attempts) before you actually get really good at it. However, the more often you make a conscious effort to learn how to have a lucid dream, the sooner you will be able to develop and master this skill and potential.

Once you learn how to use these basic steps, you can make changes or improvements as you see fit. For example, some people like to use crystals or special brain entrainment music while others prefer to take a warm relaxing bath with scented candles or get a relaxing body massage prior to preparing to go into a lucid dream. Any and all of those things are fine, once you have a good grasp of the basic process.

Most people find this to be a very empowering way to not only help them improve their spiritual growth and development but also to help them become more optimistic and self empowered to make improvements in their physical life from a much higher level/state of being.

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