Sunday, December 3, 2017

The 'Fireworks' Moment - The Spectacular Artwork of Mark Golding

I would like to introduce Mind Body Spirit Magazine readers to the extraordinary ‘fireworks’ mandala style artwork of Mark Golding from Lewes in South England. In addition to being a distinguished artist, Mark is a poet, writer, counsellor and philosopher. Mark has been through trauma and depression in his life and recalled the moment of wonder and delight experienced when seeing the beauty of the firework and this has inspired his incredible artwork which has a scientific and mathematical basis.

Wendy: Please tell us something about yourself and your work.
Mark Golding: "I was fully engaged with beauty and spectacle, and started to ponder as to why fireworks havesuch power to affect me. I called these moments, the 'Firework Moment'... For in that moment, perhaps lasting half a second, I realised I felt no fear, no doubt, no worry, no anxiety and no pain. Also, I was totally present in the moment, free from considerations of both the past and the future. In short I had no manifest suffering at that time, perhaps I even glimpsed nirvana. I watched many fireworks explode in the November night sky, and finally walked away, deep in thought.
The inspiration arose as to how the moving image of cascading explosion might be captured on paper, and to what intention the drawings might be applied. I made the decision that my illuminated drawings might serve as a form of this 'glimpse of nirvana', and for the brief duration of the experience, how a subtle, profound and meaningful message might be transmitted - in short, a blessing.
Utilising the understanding gained through my research into the functionality of the eye awareness, I formed an artistic expression whereby the 'firework moment' might be integrated with a facsimile of the distribution of photoreceptive cells in the retina, creating the equivalent of a specific pixellated drawing, to activate and stimulate consciousness, directly through my art.
'The Firework Moment' opens the mind to profound understanding, and thus able to fully integrate the realisation of a concept.
My drawings are individual, and each serves as a specific firework, though the process is built upon as I tend to work in series, or steps, whereby an entire process can be transmitted, a bit like stepping stones across the ocean. Each image carries an individual meaning, and each series presents a journey comprised of these individual components.
During and following a consultation (in person, via skype, or email), I take an empathic journey where I travel along your river of thought and experience, cross referencing where alignments occur, and also perceive where energetic blockages are located, therefore understanding your patterns of behaviour, repeating habits of thought. This will serve to increase your inner awareness, thus enabling insight and rapid growth, and initiating progress along the spiritual path. Letting go of the negative, and increased engagement with the positive is both healing and re-invigorating and will create both happiness and health."
We are delighted to present 'The Healer's Basket' by Mark Golding.  "Woven of 1000 stars - with emerald threads and sapphire knots, and held within your gentle hands - is the precious healer's basket. She holds your gatherings of healing herbs, high magic and pure imagination, as you prepare a medicine for this world.
And as you, the healer, face your awareness to your task, each sun turns inward to create a stellar crucible, to birth a pure drop of life star essence.
Eternity pauses, and breathes, as the rainbow variant medicine of healing dreams is distilled through the eternal silver wheels of bliss to initiate the ruby drop of the Goddess, held in grace. For to contemplate the healer's basket, with your soft gaze, is to know your destiny. To work wisely with your gifts and intuition, and the treasures within your soul, your healing magic is created. Perfected, upon a moment, as you birth the seeds of the new perfection, of a world healed and renewed, as the dreams of countless souls are fulfilled, and we weep to release the world's pain. You are the Priestess, you are the Priest: Chosen and known by the Holy Ones, since before your birth, and know your empowerment now, as you hold the precious healer's basket, deep within your heart. You are the Alchemist - As your mind becomes the Golden Consciousness, and you heal this world. Look nowhere else. You are gifted with this precious task!"

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