Saturday, April 1, 2017

For Manifestation read Exploitation!

Difficulties in understanding! 
I have a friend who is interested in the Law of Attraction. She reads lots of books and attends seminars and has a rather superior air when speaking to people who she does not considered as as 'enlightened' as she thinks she is! Recently, while launching a new business venture, she asked me for some business networking and promotional support which I gave to her freely despite usually being paid for my professional services. I wished I had such received assistance of this quality when I was new to self employment! Some months later, I asked her for a small favour which was promptly and discourteously declined. When I drew attention to the many months of work I had offered to her when she was starting out, she explained that she had 'manifested' me - that is, she had attacted all the free assistance I gave to her and did not wish to attract someone who wanted a favour. I was shocked; I can say even appalled! It would appear that this New Thought philosophy, described as a 'law' does not include personal aspects of integrity and ethics but is more to do with using people without conscience?

Is this magic? 
Being interested in the New Age, as I am, I often rub shoulders with Wiccans and those who are involved with witchcraft and 'magic'. We both love nature and enjoy forms of divination, such as tarot cards. However, I had a recent experience which made me question the integrity of this path. A wicca women I know asked to stay with me for a few days and I agreed and cleared my spare room, hoovered and made the bed. I also filled the fridge with some tasty foods and did my best to make her stay as nice as it could be (not without extra cost in energy, money and time, I might add). She stayed longer than I expected, or had been arranged. When she left, I expected a card or a small gift to show that she appreciated what I had done for her. However, not even a 'thank you' was said. When I mentioned this to a mutual friend, I was told that this young wiccan woman had high expectations of other people - even a sense of entitlement! On enquiring further, I was told that, due to her 'wiccan practices and her 'magical' ability, that she had 'manifested' me and all the help I gave her. Therefore, she was a powerful 'witch' and I was just a cog in the wheel of her receiving from the 'universe' whatever she wanted. Needless to say, I was rather perturbed about this. I am a human being, not part of her fantasy! I will be cautious about performing good deeds for those who do not recognise me as a separate person in my own right!

We need to get over thinking that power, money and good looks equal a spiritual life. Health, youth, luxuries, have nothing to do with spirituality! The New Age is a failure! We are in the grip of a very serious situation, where the human population is increasing alarmingly and other species are becoming extinct. We cannot go on using the earth's resources as though there are no consequences! Our seas, soil and air are becoming very polluted. The First World uses up four times their share of resources.. The second and third world also want fridges, cars, carpets, mattresses and settees. The First World New Age thinks nothing of the creation of roads through rain forests, which drive a container lorry through the habitat of endangered species, to mine their 'crystals' for 'healing'. The mining of course takes place using poor miners who have no health insurance and sustain injuries which often means they are damaged for life and their dependent family are left without support. Spirituality is not a way to earn a living, telling people what they want to believe. It is a life path of deep questioning and understanding which will change your life from one of thoughtless consumerism to caring for other species and for the future of those yet to be born. Save some resources for them shows not only spirituality but also intelligence and conscious awareness! Text by Racine

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