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Audible Life Stream - Alistair Conwell

The Audible Life Stream is believed to be the vibratory fabric of the universe from which all phenomena emerge and is the nature of the soul. 

The concept of the Audible Life Stream or Primordial Sound Current originates from ancient mysticism. Mysticism is based on the premise that people form their beliefs around their own spiritual experiences. One’s soul essence is believed to have an “audible” quality (but not to the physical ears) that can be tuned into in meditative silence. Furthermore, at the higher levels of consciousness, the Audible Life Stream can sound like enchanting classical music, giving the Pythagorean concept of the “music of the spheres” a deeper spiritual meaning. Interestingly, the concept of the Audible Life Stream is wholly consistent with cutting-edge scientific theories (specifically superstring theory) that proposes the entire universe is made up of tiny vibrating strings that can resonate in musical patterns. These superstrings, which can be closed like rubber-bands or open-ended, are beyond time and space (i.e. omnipresent). Consequently, superstrings have an infinite amount of energy (i.e. omnipotent). Physicists don’t go so far as to suggest that these superstrings are conscious (i.e. omniscient) in any way, creating a point of difference between mystics and physicists.   


According to mystics, tuning into the Audible Life Stream is a means to effectively (and safely) induce a near death experience (NDE) and glimpse the after-life in exactly the same way as do people who unexpectedly undergo an NDE in sometimes life-threatening situations. The difference between an NDE when consciously tuning into the Audible Life Stream and one following a life-threatening event is that in the former case one is in complete control and there is no threat to the physical body. 

Although many people accept that consciousness is not extinguished when the physical body dies, most have little idea as to what will actually happen at the time of death – not in terms of the shutting-down of the physical body’s organs but instead in terms of one’s perceptual faculties or consciousness. 

Wouldn’t it be advantageous to know what will happen at the time of death? If one did know, all of the fear that we normally associate with death would surely dissolve. It would be a little like knowing before-hand what questions were going to be in an examination or job interview. One could prepare and go into the examination or interview with some confidence. There would be no surprises and things could be expected to unfold smoothly. 

If NDEs are, in fact, glimpses into the after-life (as many researchers have concluded) then is it only those people who experience such an event that are to have some direct knowledge of death before the event occurs? If so, this wouldn’t be an ideal situation because NDEs usually occur after an accident, surgery or some other similar life-threatening event. 

But how can one undergo an NDE if one doesn’t actually die? To answer this question, it is important to appreciate that death is simply an experience to which conscious awareness can be applied. Although it is usually linked to the demise of the physical body the commonly held implication is that the body must perish for one to experience such an event. However, if one accepts that death is really a transition of consciousness then the experience can be seen as being solely dependent on conscious awareness and not on the state of the physical body. In other words, consciousness is an independent phenomenon that does not arise in the brain or anywhere else in the body. Therefore, consciousness does not require a body (or brain) to exist. 

This notion of consciousness being independent of the physical body is a fundamental tenet of all spiritual beliefs and this is aligned with the French philosopher, Rene Descarte’s, dualistic theory. Therefore, whether the physical body is dead or alive ultimately has no bearing on the existence of consciousness. But of course this is not to say that there is no interplay between consciousness and the physical body when the body is functioning under normal circumstances because it is abundantly clear that there is. And this strong interplay succeeds in perpetuating the false belief that consciousness requires a physical body. 

If the mystics throughout the ages are indeed correct then tuning into the Audible Life Stream is the means through which one can prove for oneself that consciousness can exist independently of the physical body. But more importantly, if the mystics are correct, then tuning into the Audible Life Stream is the means to solve the mystery of death and know exactly what will happen when the Lord of Death finally beckons.

About the Author: Alistair Conwell was born in India and grew up in Australia. He has two psychology degrees and has travelled widely. His book, The Audible Life Stream: Ancient Secret of Dying While Living, is published by 6th Books and is available from on-line bookstores and location bookshops around the world, see .  

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