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Alchemy, shamanism and other thoughts - Anthea Durand

A personal view of shamanism by Anthea Durand: Shamanism came to my awareness more than 10 years ago and intense journeys have taken me to many lands and to many teachers. I have trained with shamanic teachers, including Hank Wesselman, Serge Khahili  King and Elliott Cowan and I have completed shamanic journeys in America, Hawaii, Mexico, Guatemala and Nepal. 

From these connections, I began to open up more to other gateways of reality. The shamanic drum moved my soul. I became aware that everything was alive, from a rock to a tree. During a shamanic training, I experienced spirits singing in the room, giving us their blessing and support. This also happens when I teach. In the class, we often hear spirits chanting and various source sounds manifesting in the room. I became very connected to sound and I purchased a shamanic drum, and within a few years I was leading and teaching shamanic groups. It seemed natural. I started to help others to meet their animal guides, planets and the stars. I was amazed by the extraordinary healings received by participants, and I observed others awaken to their own gifts and “inner magic”. I realise how all of creation helps us to access our source self and to be in harmony with the earth. 

In 2011, I travelled on an extraordinary journey to Guatemala which showed me the power of shamanism in nature and on sacred sites. Within days, I had connected with the local shamans and travelled with them for 8 days as they completed ceremonies in the jungle, and at various holy sites. One profound memory was of a ceremony near Tikal. As the ceremony was about to start, howler monkeys started their song and the whole area was full of their sounds as they welcomed us. It was extraordinary, and I felt at one and in harmony with everything around me.

I was guided to the path of alchemy which is a path I have had over many lifetimes. When I researched books, nothing resonated with me. A psychic told me that her son’s friend had been healed by a healer in Glastonbury and I researched it and found that this healer was an alchemist. I attended a workshop there, and I discovereedd an alchemy lineage of many life times. This lineage is related to the Christ consciousness and other spiritual teachers who have helped the earth in times of change. Alchemy works directly with the source, the guardians of the earth, to aid humanity and our own individual journey. It is free of dogma and works with manifested sounds, symbols and the earth. The aim is that you find your own “gold” - the source of your being, and the gifts that come with this, and align with the love in your heart. Christ was an alchemist and his pure teachings was alchemical. 

Through this connection to alchemy I have developed the ability to open various inter-dimensional gateways ranging from the planets to the trees and to help others energetically and to learn and transform. I have also developed the ability to manifest sounds of creation. Hearing and receiving these source transmissions opens you up more to the whole of creation, as well as creating an energetic shift, which your soul has chosen. This gift was given to me from the universe, and I bring this through as I am guided.

I recorded and edited manifested sounds from the star Sirius B from a shamanic event I held in March this year. Sirius B is a very spiritual star. The earth has a strong relationship to this star and it is aiding the earth’s evolution. Most souls come through the gateway of Sirius when they return to the earth. This star is very connected to music and to dolphin and whale frequencies. It has various energetic temples, included one connected to sound. The sounds that were manifested in March contain information and frequencies from this star. By connecting with these sounds, the energy body is aligning with the sounds/energy of a higher frequency. This enables you to embody more of this energy and transform your energy body. Hearing these sounds also shows that there is the existence of source energy all around us. Those who have heard these manifested sounds have different experiences. These pure source frequencies align and help those who are present, to help them on their spiritual journey and to help the earth with its evolution. I am very excited about how the sounds will evolve and help others. Align and open your heart to these beautiful sounds and frequencies that are constantly permeating the planet, often inaudible to the human ear. In the future more people will develop the ability to manifest sounds. In ancient Egypt it was common place for priest and priestesses to manifest source sounds through their bodies to help others, and to show we are not alone.
 I am a Reiki Master, Shaman and Spiritual Alchemist. I prefer not give” labels” on myself. I am a “source being” aligned with my soul purpose  and the gifts I have embodied to help others and the earth. After an initiation into Reiki 10 years ago, my connection to the universe opened up, and I became clairsentient. I began to initiate others into Reiki and lead meditation classes; my path as a spiritual teacher had began.
 For further details of my work, see my web site.

Anthea Durand

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