Saturday, June 18, 2016

Loneliness - Ben Lazare Mijuskovic

MBS Book Review: Feeling Lonesome - The Philosophy and Psychoogy of Loneliness by Ben Lazare Mijuskovic PhD published by Praeger, 204 pages. 

This is a meaty academic study for serious students of this subject. It discusses the major viewpoints of great thinkers from ancient times to the modern day. This book explains who we are and why we are the way we are, how loneliness is innate and how it has inspired, motivated and created us. God, time, sanity, war and other subjects are tackled by the world specialist.

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eling Lonesome' follows on the heels of 'Loneliness in Philosophy, Psychology and Literature' by the same author which is now in its third edition. 

'Feeling Lonesome' is a good buy for the student of life or as a gift for those who wish to know themselves better including those who feel lonely and want to understand themselves better. For more information about Dr Mijuskovic and his work, visit:

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