Monday, March 21, 2016

Kabbalah Spring Cleaning

Spring time is great opportunity for us to do internal purification for the soul and spirit. There is no need to probe deeply into the depth of the soul to know that quite a few "spiritual toxins" are accumulated in our thoughts and feelings, casting shadows on our inner light, and dim it.

We are hoarding anger on a daily basis, and if we do not remove it from our system on time (when still young ...), we may develop animosity towards anyone and anything that exist in our environment, act furiously, and our judgment and decision-making abilities may be ruined. Sometimes we may suffer bad mood and mental/emotional restlessness that are originated in our internal imbalance.

Many of us build a protective layer (in Kabbalah terms: "shell") that exhibit us as successful, important, jubilant people to the outside world. In order to nourish this external image we keep ourselves in constant pursuit after fame, wealth and material success. We may even become enslaved to the external identity and move away from our genuine inner soul, which does not need any costumes, because it is bright and shining by nature, being a spark of the divine soul.

When we clean our inner space from pollutions, we improve not only our own being, but for the entire surroundings, on the social, global and cosmic levels.
For example - try to imagine a human society that each of its members had reached inner peace and calmness - does this society think about creating conflicts, disputes and wars?

Wonderful tools were given to us by which we can transform our internal and external realities. These are the "72 names of God", the ultimate connection between the physical and spiritual worlds. They provide us with all the spiritual tools we need at any given moment to
transform our lives for the better.

To get rid of infectious anger you should visualize the letter combination Peh-Vav-Yod (פוי) and assimilate it in your system.

This letter combination will help remove hostility that controls your emotions, will end struggles and wars (on the inside and outside), cure aggression, hatred, bad moods and disagreements. Phe-Vav-Yod (פויwill help you control anger, remove enslavement to external images, bring relaxation and purification to the heart and inspire peace of mind.

It is recommended to assimilate the letter combination through the body and soul with this technique:

The Blessed Water Technique:
Let’s prepare a wondrous drink loaded with the power of the letter combination פוי:
(For non-Hebrew speakers – please write this letter combination on a piece of paper a few times, so you get used to the shap
e of the letters).
Take a full glass of water and hold it between your hands.
"Charge" the water with the letter combination פוי from the "72 names of God"
The visualization method:
Imagine these letters floating in front your eyes, breathe them in, let them enter your body through the third eye and mouth, and visualize them moving to your arms, hands, and into the water in the glass.
Add a pink color.
When you feel that the water is charges with the energy of the letters, drink the water.
How do you feel now?

Another way to implement the power of the 72 names in water is more direct, (but I personally prefer the visualization method):
- Write the letter combination on a few scraps of paper (using permanent ink), each set of letters on a separate piece of paper.
- Fold the slips and put them in the glass of water.
- Lit 7 white candles and place them around the glass containing the water and notelets.
- Let the water stand all night, and next morning take out the pieces of paper and drink the water.
(Let the candles burn until they end. This can be done in the evening, and the water can be drunk in the following morning)

It is recommended repeat this ceremony for a few consecutive days to strengthen the effect of sacred name on you.
In general - this technique can be applied to any letter combination that you need to work with in order to create changes in your life.

Let us all enjoy peace, serenity and joy.

Another little tip for success:

If you feel that things are 'almost' going well for you, that you could really succeeded, that something good was supposed to happen to you, but for some reason – did not happen, was delayed, dissipated, and you suspect that something is blocking you and interfere with success to enter into your life, here's a King Solomon seal that can help you remove all inhibitions and barriers, break the locks and open the way for abundance to enter your life:

You should print this seal on paper, hold it between your hands and allow its vibration to mix with your energy field. Keep it around you and maintain frequent contact with the seal. From personal experience - it works like magic!

You are welcome to instant download a poster that I prepared, that contains the 44 seals of Solomon and their interpretations here:

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