Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Autogenic Training

I found this a good video on the topic of Autogenic Training. It explains the advantages of the technique. If you are listening to the recording, please ensure you are not interrupted for 20 minutes while you perform the meditation. Never operate machinery or drive while performing meditation. Autogenic Training is a powerful relaxation method which should ne conducted each day for best results. Let me tell you a story: A Russian envoy, Count Kayserling had insomnia. He asked Johann Sebastian Bach to compose music for him to help him sleep. The Count called upon Johann Goldberg to play on the harpsicord a new Bach composition. Immediately the Count fell asleep. This piece of music is known as the Goldberg Variations. In the 1970s, a Bulgarian scientist, Georgi Lozanov, studied this piece of music and found that it slowed down the bodily processes. Vivaldi, Telemann, Corelli and Handel also had a similar effect. 60 beats per minite is the desired tempo. 

These are the best pieces of music for this effect:
Largo from Concerto in G Minor for Flute and Strings
Aria to The Goldberg Variations
Largo from the Harpsicord Concerto in F Minor  
 Largo from the Solo Harpsicord Concerto in G Minor  
 Largo from the Solo Harpsicord Concerto in C Major
 Largo from the Solo Harpsicord Concerto in F Major
To learn more about Autogenic Training, follow this link: http://www.welz.us/Autogenic.pdf

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