Friday, May 18, 2018

Cleaning and Healing by Marilyn Eppolite

"I had spent most of the last 6 weeks resting so I could heal and without any complications. My life was focused on this. My energy level had to be nourished so I did not become exhausted. Even mental activity drained my energy reserve in the first few weeks after surgery. I finally would feel drawn to an activity, alerting me I had the energy to attempt the task. Slowly more activities showed up on the screen of my awareness, telling me if I didn’t overdo it, it was okay to reclaim an activity to my schedule. This week the object of my desire was cleaning the bathroom…

The next morning I got an early start. As I took out the tools and cleaners, I appreciated the strength it takes to clean. I can do this! My recovery trajectory is moving upward. I didn’t have the stamina to do this just last week, so there was a sense of accomplishment even before I began. As I wiped away the scum, I could immediately see the difference. I still needed patience to complete the job, but I knew I was having an effect on my environment, so I continued.
Since I specialize in emotional healing, but am now experiencing healing from the physical trauma of surgery, the similarities to cleaning came into focus.
Healing and cleaning need the following to succeed:
1. The right tools and procedures: Imagine the challenge it is to clean when you only have one tool. A scrub brush can’t polish. Likewise in healing, having the proper technique in the best sequence can support healing. Suturing before the incision is made thwarts the entire process.
2. An optimistic attitude: As I cleaned, I saw I could complete the task, with encouragement along the way. If I told myself I’m too scared to donate a kidney to my brother, healing could not happen for my brother. I felt confident and optimistic that after surgery, we would both have healthy outcomes. Knowing my gift could increase his life expectancy allowed me to focus on an optimistic future instead of my temporary discomfort.

3. Patience: If I had decided to clean the bathroom 2 weeks before I was healthy enough would have lead to an incomplete job and an exhausted, discouraged patient. The word patient reminds us healing takes time. Start where you are and build slowly.
The word patient reminds us healing takes time. Start where you are and build slowly. Many beginning clients have suffered in emotional chaos for so long, when they finally ask for support, they demand quick results. Learning new behaviors and letting go of the past takes practice and loving patience.
4. Dedication: Following through on developing new skills and behaviors also takes dedication. It is easy to get discouraged when you are expecting the fruits of your labor to produce immediately. If you don’t follow through, the next time feels like the first time, starting from the beginning. Who wants to clean when you have to learn the tricks from the beginning? Learning new habits for healing build on one another over time, much like building muscle. Skip a day or two and the muscle starts to lose its tone.
5. Consistency:
Learning new skills requires consistency. Consistency takes dedication to follow through. Cleaning one area without cleaning another will not produce the results you desire. Not cleaning regularly only makes the job harder next time, with a built-in excuse to let it go yet another day. Regret is a big emotion that can derail any forward movement.
Regret is a big emotion that can derail any forward movement.
My clients and students who use all 5  learn how  to develop a healthy relationship with their feelings to find balance and joy. If they skip a step in order to speed up the process,  their healing is stifled and they become discouraged.  For healing to progress, I offer skills and support, but the client makes the commitment to do everything possible to heal. Often on the journey, we find stuck energies that prevent a new habit from developing. Energy clearing tools, such as flower essences and energy medicine, provide the space to develop the new healing behavior, so that it can become a habit. Tried to change your behavior & failed? Stuck energy keeps a habit in place: flowing energy enables new positive behaviors. Flowing energy is the path to healing both physical and emotional challenges.
Stuck energy keeps a habit in place: flowing energy enables new positive move forward.
All of that came from cleaning the bathroom.  I had many insights during my recovery time that will help my clients heal quicker and easier. Good news is I am working again! If you have been waiting to heal your habits of worry, fear and overwhelm, there is no need to wait any longer. You may never feel joy cleaning the bathroom, but I would be so glad to help you feel the joy that comes with the freedom from fear. Please get  me back to work so I don’t need to keep cleaning the bathroom!
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." Article by Marilyn Eppolite

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