Sunday, May 6, 2018

Why We Fear Honesty by Julia Austin

Life would be so much easier if everyone just said what was on their mind. It could be more painful, but we would get things done quicker and get to the bottom of things sooner. Instead, we put tons of energy into finding a more polite way to say everything--into not offending people and keeping up a certain image. And while it's sweet to consider the feelings of others when we talk, some honesty goes down the drain when we don't just speak our mind.

How Does Aromatherapy Work? by Anadi Taylor

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a holistic alternative medicine that uses plant extracts, known as essential oils, to alter a persons mind, mood, cognitive function or health. Aromatherapy literally means "treatment using scents". The essential oils are aromatic essences extracted from plants, flowers, trees, fruits, bark, grasses and seeds with distinctive therapeutic, psychological, and physiological properties which improve health and prevent illness. There are about 150 essential oils. Most of these oils have antiseptic properties; some are antiviral, anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, antidepressant and expectorant. Other properties of the essential oils which are taken advantage of in aromatherapy are stimulation, relaxation, digestion improvement, and their diuretic properties. To get the maximum benefit from essential oils they should be made from natural, pure, raw materials. Synthetically made oils do not work.