Thursday, July 6, 2017

2017 The Year of Authentic Connection

2017 is a number 10 year (all the numbers add up to this). 

Pythagoras was the earliest numerologist and mathematician. He was also the first philosopher (a word which means ‘lover of wisdom’) and his ideas formed the foundation of Western thought. He was born in Ancient Greece and lived 500 years before the birth of Christ. He had a special understanding of this specific number, 10, and stated it was a holy number which connected the earth to heaven. He also stated that this number created the form of a triangle glyph and oaths were sworn upon this design. 
The modern numerals we use today in the west are Arabic numerals which show a pillar and a circle, thereby bringing the male and female polarities together to create a third - middle path - which is considered to provide the greatest health, wellbeing and progress. 

In the tarot, the number 10 is represented by the Wheel of Fortune, so 2017 will be a year of great importance, as, when the wheel spins, it moves energies, so that transformations of all kinds can take place. Whether these are positive or negative transformations is dependent on how we allow our own power to be used by others. We need to discern and differentiate good from bad, right from wrong, kindness from foolishness, necessary expenditure from waste, reality from fantasy. We also need to emphasise healthy relationships that are free from manipulation, that are open and honest, where trust is honoured, where there is peace and contentment, where there is lasting dedication and commitment, and where justice is received. 

The Chinese, who represent a dynamic element within the earth’s growing maturity, consider 2017 to be a Metal Yin (Female) Fire Rooster year which heralds the dawning of righteousness, responsibility, insight and awareness and creates the passion for hard work. This Chinese year begins with the new moon on 28th January, when we are invited to make our resolutions for the coming sun cycle. 

I have coined 2017 'The Year of Authentic Connection', as this concept of authenticity needs to apply to our personal connection to all aspects of our life, to others, to politics, to our health and to the planet. The concept of authentic connection needs to be cultivated in order to achieve the greatest progress on earth at this time. Wendy Stokes wishes you a successful year ahead. 🌄