Thursday, March 24, 2016

The body scan is the perfect relaxation technique

Learn to relax anywhere, anytime with the body scan relaxation technique

Do you constantly feel the strain of tension in your head, jaw, neck, shoulders or abdomen and find it hard to unwind? Have you been advised to relax but nobody's really explained how you're supposed to do that, exactly?

Tension and stress can creep up on you unawares. As far as you know, you are just getting on with your life and dealing with stuff, and you may not even notice a fixed frown developing on your face. Or the permanent tightness across your shoulders. You might perhaps notice that you are not sleeping so well, but it may not occur to you to connect this with a lack of relaxation in your life. Many people don't realize that relaxing - taking it easy and doing nothing - is actually as essential to health as activity.

Others find it hard to relax, or feel that doing nothing is a sign of moral weakness. They are always pushing themselves to be doing things and feel guilty if they are not 'busy' with something useful. They are likely to be quite shocked if a doctor diagnoses their health problems as 'stress-related'.

Stress, tension and the need for deep relaxation

If chronic tension builds up in your body, causing you to be constantly tightening your muscles, this drains your energy. You need energy to hold those muscles so tight. That means energy is not available for other things. In time, this can affect your posture and leads to serious fatigue. This in turn makes you prone to unpleasant states such as anxiety and irritability, and more likely to get ill.

Everybody knows you need good quality sleep in order to be healthy but you also need regular times of relaxation in your waking hours. Numerous studies have established that a twenty to thirty minute period of profound rest every day brings tremendous benefits to body and mind.

Regular deep relaxation will

measurably boost your immune system
regulate your blood pressure
enhance your creativity, flexibility and memory
increase your productivity
In other words, it's what every busy person needs.

Hypnosis can help you learn to relax

Learning to relax with the Body scan relaxation technique could be the most useful thing you ever do. Crafted by professionals, this powerful audio hypnosis session will enable you to effortlessly master the art of unwinding every part of your body quickly and reliably - anywhere. Not only will this bring you much needed rest but you will also be amazed at how invigorated and energized you feel afterwards. Ready for anything!

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