Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Consciousness Revolution by Ian Legg

Bruce Lipton speaking about consciousness! The human brain has an estimated 100 billion neurons. Each neuron consists of a vast collection of atoms and even vaster collection of subatomic particles. It operates like a computer but is much more powerful. Most office computers have the capacity to community with outside computers such as vast data banks, through a "modem" connected to a telephon line. The human mind, under certain circumstances, appears to have this same capacitiy. It appears that it can be triggered to interact with other minds and universal forces. Famed psychologist Karl Jung called this the "Universal Consciousness". World famous Biologist Rupert Sheldrake refers to it as the morphogenetic field. We call it The Super Mind

All living creatures appear to have their own distinctive energy field. As far back as 1940 Harold Burr a Neuroanatomis at Yale University, conducted a study of energy fields around living plants and animals. He discovered that a young Salamander exhibited an energy field approximately the same shape as the adult it would eventually become. Also he foung that the axis of the field could even be detected in the egg stage. When he studied seedlings he found that the electical field around the sprouts resempled the adult plant. But it wasn´t until the Russians discovered Kirilian Photography that these engergy fields around living objects could be photographed.

A Russian experimenter, Kirlian, discovered accidentally that photographs taken in the presence of high voltage fields contained an "aura" around the living object being photographed. Kirlian was an electrician of some renown and lived in a small cramped flat with his wife. He had no credibility at all in the scientific world and it wasn´t for many years that the significance of his discovery was realized. He persevered with this unsusual photography for many years until it caught the attention of the Russian Agricutlural Department. One day, a senior official visited the Kirlians with two identical plants and asked Kirlian to photograph them both to see if there was any noticable difference. Both plants looked exactly the same.

The resultant photographs indicated that one plant had a normal healthy aura while the other was very sickly. The Agricultural man reportedly leapt up and down with delight because some disease had been destroying vast areas of crops and up until that point they had now way of telling wich crops were affected. Now they had a method, via this new advance warning, of finding out wich crops were going to fail if not treated promptly.

Kirilian found that the same thing applied to human beings. A person about to go down with a disease exhibited a sickly aura. In facht at one point when asked to demonstrate his equipment to high ranking goverment officials, his stress level upset his equipment. He used to check its operation on his own hand to make sure it was functioning properly. The equipment starting giving blurred and false readings. He thought it was the equipment itself until he realized that it was his stress level that was at fault. This alerted him to the potential of "reading" human auras.

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