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Drew Ryder - Passion and Motivation

Passion and Motivation: In this month’s article I thought we could explore passion and motivation, as I consider that they go together hand in hand as it were.  Let’s first look at passion.  What exactly is passion?  Passion is, as described in the Oxford English Dictionary, amongst other things, (that is to say, leaving sex out of the equation!), as a strongly felt emotion or a strong enthusiasm for something, or, the object of an intense desire or enthusiasm: some of you might choose football as this desire, or dancing, or food.

When you are passionate about something it is easy to get excited about it and this often inspires you to do something about the passion.  In other words to feel motivated in to doing something – it may well be going to watch or even play a game of football, to dance or to cook. People can be passionate about all sorts of things, what ‘floats my boat’ may not necessarily float yours.  If you have a deep desire about something then that desire or passion alone, may well be enough to motivate you.  What if it isn’t?  Or what if there is something you need to do for instance, like lose weight for health reasons, some area where there is little or no passion.  How can we get motivated?

If you are a self-motivator, then you can usually come up with a reason to do the task or challenge at hand.  This may involve a lot of self- talk, visualisation or the promise of a ‘treat’ when the ‘job’ is done.  Whatever it is you can usually come up with something.  But what if you can’t?  Who do you turn to and what do you do?

Some people of course don’t do anything, especially those who always need to be motivated by someone.  This someone could be your best friend or, it could be a therapist, sibling or parent.  The point is this ‘other person’ needs to be someone who can inspire you sufficiently in order to motivate you.  So who inspires you?  

A lot of people I have talked to with regard to passion and motivation are motivated by someone who has achieved what it is that they themselves want to achieve.  For example, people with a weight problem are often inspired by class leaders who have had a weight problem or who still have a weight problem they are a working on.   As you begin to lose weight on a regular basis your passion AND motivation is increased.  Once motivated into doing whatever is required the ‘doing’ becomes easier. 

Let’s look at motivation.  Again quoting the Oxford English dictionary, motivation means, being inspired or having a reason for a course of action.  Now this I find a little difficult, in that having a reason to do something or to follow a course of action may not be enough to get you moving or motivated.  Think of the smoker who has just been told to give up smoking or risk even more serious lung damage to already damaged lungs.  Well this should be enough to motivate any smoker into giving up smoking, I hear you all cry!!  Apparently not is my reply.  You see, I know several smokers who would benefit enormously by giving up the old weed, however despite being told that, they cannot get motivated to do it.  Why?  In the first instance I believe it is because they have been TOLD what they SHOULD do.  For some reason it would appear, as adults we have an aversion to being told what to do, to being controlled, as in the word should.  Far better to be inspired to do something or motivated into doing something.

Now finding a link for the smoker to latch onto in order to be inspired or motivated into, quitting the habit, is where the fun starts!  Why?  Quite simply because we are all different!  This is where the second instance comes into being.  It is important to find or work out what ‘floats yer boat’ as previously stated.  Because, unless a sufficient amount of passion can be aroused or raised, (no I don’t mean the sexual sort!!), then it is more likely that the smoker will continue to be just that - a smoker.  Now I’m not picking on smokers here, what I am doing is highlighting that it is easier to do something (be motivated into doing something) that you are passionate about.   With regard to being a smoker, being told to stop for health reasons is not always sufficient.   After all, smoking or the act of could well be the smoker’s passion!

To conclude, passion and motivation co-exist.  Maybe if there is something you want to do but are not doing , then maybe you could work on finding out how to become passionate about whatever it is you want to do.  Ask yourself empowering questions with regard to the benefits of what it is you want to do.  Are the benefits sufficient to get you motivated and doing?  Or, maybe, whatever it is you think you want - you may not want enough. 
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