Friday, April 1, 2016

The Philosophy and Psychology of Loneliness by Ben Lazare Mijuskovic

MBS Mag Book Launch: Feeling Lonesome: The Philosophy and Psychology of Loneliness by Ben Lazare Mijuskovic 205 pages in hardback and kindle formats:

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This book presents an intricate, interdisciplinary evaluation of loneliness that examines the relation of consciousness to loneliness. It views loneliness from the inside as a universal human condition rather than attempting to explain it away as an aberration, a mental disorder, or a temporary state to be addressed by superficial therapy and psychiatric medication.

• Provides key insight into the dynamics of loneliness, enabling readers to be able to recognize its sources and counter its insidious and invidious force―not only in one's self, but in others as well

• Presents cross-disciplinary perspectives that addresses and critiques both philosophical and psychological views on loneliness
• Reviews the works and words of philosophers from Descartes to Kant and Wittgenstein, and of psychologists from Freud to Erikson, Fromm, and Mahler
• Authored by a former mental health therapist who has taught philosophy for more than 30 years
About the Author: Ben Lazare Mijuskovic, PhD, MA, is professor of philosophy and humanities at California State University at Dominguez Hills, Humanities Department. He is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and is a retired Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health therapist. Born in Budapest in 1937, lived in Ankara, Turkey (1939); Jerusalem, Palestine (1941); Cairo, Egypt (1942-1944). Came to US in 1945, naturalized (1955). Dual citizenship--US and Montenegro. Educated primarily at the University of Chicago (1956-1963); taught at various universities, tenured at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale (1975) and he has been a social worker and a threrapist since 1986.  

Also by the author: Click on this link for information:

Please note: Dr Mijuskovic will be speaking at a seminar at Brunel University on 30th October 2015. More information to follow! 

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