Friday, April 1, 2016

Eric Gross - The Lie!

We are in a crisis, environmentally, politically and economically. The world is in a perpetual conflict. People are seeking power and possessions as solutions to their feelings of inadequacy, dissatisfaction and lack of peace. We are brainwashed to think of ourselves as lacking rather than feel whole and healthy. We are so hungry for validation from others, seeking to impress others and live up to their expectations of what they think we should do with our lives. The effect is illusory and we are unaware that it is causing us to feel unfulfilled. There is a positive aspect to our ego and a negative aspect. Contentment should be our goal in life and to live our life free of others demands. 
Suffering teaches us compassion for others. We understand the needs of others only through suffering ourselves. The destroyed habitats of our polluted world are the result of our striving to accumulate more and more, and in doing so, we become a prisoner of our super-ego. We need to embrce the beauty of our wounds, that create awareness of what is real about our lives. Challenging the lie is refusing to adhere to what we were brought up to believe how we are to live our lives. 
Eric Gross lived in a monastery and studied under a zen master. As a seeker, he found that questioning and seeking was another trap of desire. In this video, he speaks about his breakthrough understanding about how we can be more ourselves without pressure from others. 

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