Sunday, October 14, 2018

Martine Batchelor - Buddhist teacher

As a young person, Martine was politically active due to her socialist family background. She wanted to travel and hitchhiked through many countries on her way to India and Thailand and worked in an unskilled capacity to support herself. She stayed in a Buddhist monastery in Korea for 10 years and became a nun. She had prolonged periods of deep meditation and solitude and studied under a Zen tutor and was instructed to ask herself 'What Is It?' and later 'Why did the guru say 'no'!' She learnt to 'bear beyond strength'. It is not what you say you are - but what other people find you to be which is of relevance and wisdom and compassion motivated her. She wishes to live without harm to others or herself. When her Master died, she left the monastery and returned to Europe. 

She now works with her husband, Stephen, who she met at the Korean monastery, teaching and running workshops.   

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