Friday, April 1, 2016

Rev Philip Roderick - spiritual journey

Philip Roderick was brought up as a Methodist and had an altered state of consciousness as a child in Wales. He later discovered this place was the site of an ancient monastery. He taught in Sunday School when he was 14 years old and wrote poetry as he wanted to be a poet. He became attracted and read books on the mystery traditions as a young adult. He had a vision of a woman dressed in blue whilst at University in Cardiff. He has a special interest in how the body can be used in prayer (body prayer) and developed an interest in meditation, Transcendental Meditation, the Vedic traditions, Sufism and Zen. He left teaching at a school in Hertfordshire as he felt and heard an inner calling to follow Christ and spent a year living in a hermitages in Devon and Wales. He recommends walking slowly in nature, breathing consciously, listening to music and other methods to gain stillness required for deep contemplation. He believes we need more silence to heal the ills of our society. He is now an Angelican priest who is the founder of The Quiet Garden project. Anyone from any country around the world can get involved with this venture - for information click on this link:

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