Thursday, January 18, 2018

Mexican Birds

It's easy to separate animals from their natural habitats when you've only seen them in zoos. Not to say that you should go seek dangerous animals in the wild, of course, but it can be a thrill to see even the smallest and tamest exotic animals in their native homes. If you're on vacation in Mexico, keep an eye out for these birds.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Yoga Living Founder - Derek Thorne

Derek Thorne lives in the Somerset area and runs a yoga school. From an early age, he sought the meaning of life in addition to living in the world as a practical and capable person. Eastern religions captivated him and yoga offered a way to explore his questioning about life and provided a personal intimacy with the self, the 'I' within. It also provides a good model for the modern age, to avoid and relieve many ills of our stressed and dysfunctional society. Yoga brings people into relationship for the divine and provides a spiritual resolution to many of life's greatest questions and concerns. For more information, visit:

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Knowledgeable things about Ginger

I´m a fan of ginger and thats why I will try to let you know a little about this remakable root. For some years in the western world ginger is becoming increasingly important. In most supermarkets you can buy the fresh tubers; health-food stores and China shops offer dried ginger, ginger powder is found in many spice racks. Ginger is one of the worlds oldest spices and medicinal plants. In Aryurveda and in traditional chinese medicine, it is valued for its inside warming effect. The Indian Ayurvedic calls ginger a panacea because of its astonishingly numerous of applications. In Chinese herbal medicine ginger combined with ginseng and licorice, is called one of the three great rejuvenators. In the Far East, ginger is natural part of everydays life: about two billion people use ginger for seasoning their daily food and drink. With ginger you can prevent disease and help the healing processes

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Yoga Is Skill In Action

The basis practice of yoga is self-inquiry which, through this process, we create change within ourselves. Before I started practicing yoga, I was more selfish and immature. The grass always seemed greener on the other side of the fence. Yoga changed my world perspective and philosophy in a way that has helped me live my life with more grace and integrity. I care for myself and others more deeply, my eating habits have become conscious choices and my friendships have evolved. I no longer spend time with people who are addicted to drinking and drugs, or those that spend their time gossiping about other people. I look for people who help me feel good about myself and those who are more happy and have goals in their life.