Sunday, January 7, 2018

Knowledgeable things about Ginger

I´m a fan of ginger and thats why I will try to let you know a little about this remakable root. For some years in the western world ginger is becoming increasingly important. In most supermarkets you can buy the fresh tubers; health-food stores and China shops offer dried ginger, ginger powder is found in many spice racks. Ginger is one of the worlds oldest spices and medicinal plants. In Aryurveda and in traditional chinese medicine, it is valued for its inside warming effect. The Indian Ayurvedic calls ginger a panacea because of its astonishingly numerous of applications. In Chinese herbal medicine ginger combined with ginseng and licorice, is called one of the three great rejuvenators. In the Far East, ginger is natural part of everydays life: about two billion people use ginger for seasoning their daily food and drink. With ginger you can prevent disease and help the healing processes