Tuesday, December 1, 2015


It was a very cold and blustery early morning as I walked briskly down the road and through an avenue of over-arching plane trees, gaunt and bare, a significant reminder of an unusually dry Winter. And yet, even in their starkness devoid of their masses of leaves they still seemed to retain a gracious dignity and an aura of permanence and wholeness.

I stopped for a while to all the more appreciate what I was sensing. The over-arching branches appeared to be reaching in attitude of prayer and silent communion and though the icy blasts of wind shook and swayed the great branches they returned again and again to their central point. And I though, what a great lesson for us humans as we struggle and often flounder in the great ocean of life as adversities and hardships beset us; how we should indeed be as the great trees, although buffeted by the winds of life, we should draw on our inner strength and return to our central source, again and again.

Thinking further on this theme I was filled with renewed awe at how much that vast overshadowing universal spirit we term God, has provided on Earth and in the realm of nature for our use and the necessary aid in times of hardship and suffering. But unfortunately men on the whole are blinded by materialism and the race to acquire wealth and status and when life deals out blow after blow, even then he remains blind to the remedial and healing balm of natures wonders.

Of course there are a great many exceptions, there are many people who have suddenly been exalted and healed simply by the sight of an exquisite sunrise or sunset, or a beautiful flower, or a mountain vista, etc, each providing the impetus to an inner healing at the right time. It was some very wise soul who once said that nature is the instructor of mankind and that we ignore her at our peril. Well we have certainly seen only to well the far reaching and damaging results of mans mismanagement and abuse of mother nature./

Every single damaging action or effect to the vast supporting and delicate web of life rebounds. As men abuse and destroy so does he abuse and impede his own evolution. Science is only now slowly beginning to realize mans essential kinship and interrelationship with the whole realm of nature and to those who think deeply on this, cannot but wonder if natures cataclysm’s in the form of tornado’s, vast storms, volcanic eruptions, etc, are actually in response to mans continual abuse and destructiveness.

Men forget that the Earth is a living, breathing entity. Way back in the dim mists of time when men lived close to the Creator and all creation, they were well aware of the Earths livingness as a dynamic, living entity. Hopefully, in the not to distant future, this memory will return to mankind and what a glorious future that will indeed be.

Author: Robert Gresak-South Africa

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