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The Right Moment in Time - Ancient Toltec Practices

Many people know of the work of Carlos Castaneda and about his training with a Yaqui (Man of Knowledge) from Mesoamerica. He brought forth, to the Western world, a glimmer of the Toltec Shamanistic path in the 1970’s. But now, for the first time in history, the fullness of a Toltec Shamanistic path is being presented -- teachings, ceremonies, practices, postures, dances, philosophy, prophecy and an in-depth understanding of the mathematics of the cosmos and how this all relates to human consciousness and the Mesoamerican calendars.  You will find it all in this new book by Sergio Magaña Ocelocoyotl called, 2012 – 2021, The Dawn of the Sixth Sun - The Path of Quetzalcoatl.

Why is the sacred information from this ancient lineage now being made fully available? The answer is...because now is the time it is needed. Sergio’s work has been widely embraced by people in many countries. He has over 50,000 students in Mexico, the US, Italy, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom where he is starting schools to teach the philosophy and techniques. He is a rare combination of the old with the new; he is young, multilingual, multicultural – not an outsider as many who have tried to interpret the teachings of the Maya, Aztec and Toltec.  He brings forth this wisdom from his teachers who are great Masters of this ancient tradition.

 “I have pledged to transmit and share an authentic version of the Nahuatl culture of Central Mexico, as it has been preserved by the guardians of this tradition. To this day, they have been the custodians of the calendar cycles, coupled with their cosmic mathematical measurements, and now this culture is ready to be shared with the entire world in an effort to manifest the perfect union that exists between the dance of the celestial vault, the cosmos, with its constantly attuned rhythms and movements, and our daily life; thus we shall come to appreciate how these cosmic mathematical movements affect both the behavior and the consciousness of the entire planet Earth, which participates in this dance.” ~ Sergio Magaña Ocelocoyotl
As you know there is much interest about December 2012 and the shift from the Fifth to the Sixth Sun and what it will mean for humanity. Sergio talks about what is needed now and where humanity is headed.  I think the most exciting thing about this book and Sergio’s work is that it shows us that the ancient wisdom of Mesoamerica has not been lost&hellip.only hidden for very specific reason, to keep it from being adulterated.

Wendy Stokes interviews Sergio Magaña Ocelocoyotl, a Toltec Shaman. 

Wendy: Please tell us something about yourself, Sergio.

Sergio: I am an international workshop facilitator, specialising in ancient knowledge of the Mexican people. I am twice initiated, into a 5,000 year old tradition and a 1,460 year old tradition. I am also a Radio Host in Mexico City and have a wide following of people from around the world (Europe, US and Latin America) who are interested in ancient methods of healing and practices associated with reaching elevated consciousness that have been handed down thousands of generations. These were once secret, but are to be revealed as we are approaching a difficult time of transformation, as the fifth sun transitions to the sixth position in the Mesoamerican (Aztec and Mayan) calendars.

Wendy: Can you tell us what this ancient knowledge involves?

Sergio: It explains about the union of opposites that is symbolised by the double headed serpent and involves prophecies related to the long-count calendar and also healing and consciousness raising. The ending of the calendar is not a moment in time but a transition from one era to the next. A Sun cycle lasts 6,625 years and is part of a larger 26,500 year cycle as the Sun moves through the orbit of the central Sun of the Pleiades. We are currently approaching the end of the fifth and entering the sixth cycle and prophecies are available about what will happen, but few know that we are able take an active role. Some of the ancient healing methods and practices are already recognised and being utilized, such as the sweat lodge and drumming. However, other teachings, such as dream control, advanced postures, the use of the obsidian mirror and breathing techniques, these will be very useful during this time of transition and are new to most people.

Wendy: Can you tell us more about the prophecies for the end of this cycle?

Sergio: Whatever path you choose, caring for the planet and developing a connection with all life forms will be of greatest spiritual importance. The cleansing of the shadow (taking responsibility for unconscious patterns that control our lives) and turning an enemy into a friend, stepping like a warrior into life, dreaming while awake, discovering a power animal, learning of sacred geography, all help us to relate to each other and all living beings with respect. I also teach my students about the 3 types of death, the 13 heavens and the 9 underworlds that help the seeker to reach high spiritual consciousness and thus deeper responsibility for the whole of life.

Wendy: How can readers find out more about your work, Sergio?

Sergio: I travel extensively throughout Mexico, the USA, Italy, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom and the dates of my international seminars are provided on my website. My book is also available. It is titled ‘2012 – 2021: The Dawn of the Sixth Sun - The Path of Quetzalcoatl’ and it is published by Blossoming Books and can be purchased in Italian and English and soon in Spanish. 


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