Sunday, July 29, 2018

Caring For Loved Ones With Dementia

Dementia is extraordinarily difficult for the carer to handle. The carer watches helplessly as the patient loses memories, the ability to retain information, becomes incontinent, becomes depressed and perhaps develops psychosis. The patient can become easily agitated, aggressive, or overly emotional. The deterioration of a loved one with dementia leads to severe stress for the carer.

Saturday, July 28, 2018


Defined by mathmatician, Norbert Werner as a 'method of controlling a system by inserting into it the results of past performance', Biofeedback has been popular for decades. It is a process for mecahnically monitoring bodily functins in order to gain control over them. The process requires a period of training but the results are remarkable and are of vital importance to health. It might sound like magic, but the mind is capable of extraordinary feats. Think for a moment of the Tibetans who, on the coldest of days, could increase their body heat to significant levels. Heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, relaxation, brain rhythms, are just for starters. I have heard of excellent results for excema, migraine, gastritis and other very common ailments. 

Friday, July 27, 2018

Sleep Disorder Remedies by Tressie R Drake

Sleep disorders are amongst essentially the most frequent clinical issues encountered in medicine and psychiatry. A growing list of health risks has been documented in recent studies. Heart illness, diabetes and obesity have been linked to chronic sleep loss. Inadequate or insufficient sleep can impair high quality of life of an individual. There are various sleep disorder treatments obtainable to improve the top quality of sleep. The best sleep disorder remedy depends upon the underlying trigger.

Sleep disorder treatments are normally grouped below following categories:

Finding Wisdom Within by Roger Kenneth Marsh

During my Advanced Passion Test Certification Training I was fortunate to spend some time with Michael Beckwith in some relatively intimate settings. Michael is an author and visionary, and Founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center in Southern California. This man is one of my heroes. Why? Because he is one of the most amazing, clear channels for Divine Wisdom I have ever seen. He knows how to put his "small self" in service to the Big Self and let the Big Self come on through him clearly and powerfully. If you ever have a chance to see Michael speak, definitely go!

Consciousness: What is Consciousness? Part 1

"What raises us above other known sentient beings is our ability to be conscious of our own consciousness. But what does this mean, scientifically?" We are largely unaware of the traffic of 'thoughts' within our heads including those that guide most of our living actions. The primary actions that keep us alive, such as breathing, seeing, hearing, touching and even tasting, take place without our conscious participation or stopping to think about them.

It is interesting to note that most of our purposeful behavior happens without the aid of consciousness. We even solve most of our routine problems unconsciously. It is when a purpose or result can be achieved by alternative means that consciousness is called upon. In other words, at the routine level of existence, we do not employ consciousness except when we are altering our actions or thoughts from the routine, for a purpose.

5 Colors to Pile on Your Plate By Robert Ringborn

Want more energy? Improved stamina? Calmer nerves? Eat your colors and harness the power of phytochemicals -- organic compounds found in fruits and vegetables that endow them with their respective colors, each of which bestows unique nutritional benefits.

Carolyn Dean -- a physician, a neuropathic doctor and the medical director of the nonprofit Nutritional Magnesium Association ( -- has been following the rainbow for years. We asked her to explain the various properties of red, orange, green, white and blue foods so you can better balance your diet and attack specific health issues.

Foods For Lowering Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels

Research have discovered that Triglyceride levels have been directly linked to arteriosclerotic vascular disease which can be a primary trigger of cardiovascular disease , high blood pressure , and heart attacks . High triglyceride level is usually an indicator of poorly managed diabetes and even liver or even kidney diseases . High triglycerides levels could also be caused by various prescription medications for instance steroids , beta-blockers , tamoxifen or diuretics.

Even though there are lots of drugs offered ( prescribed or otherwise ) that aim to lower Cholesterol and Triglycerides levels , for many who does not have chronic hyperlipoproteinemia - changes to diet usually are more than enough to lower high levels .

This report aims to make available to you the Ten Essential Foods to Lower Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels along with other things to avoid that will raise your blood cholesterol and triglycerides . Below are a few suggestions to include if you would like to start a low triglycerides and cholesterol diet

The Benefits Of Alpha

Basically what happens when you start practicing alpha is that you open up your right brain faculties, which haven´t had too much use since the days of your childhood, when you were free to use your imagination a lot. Once you reactivate these channels they tend to remain open... all day long. Ith is rather like doing a workout in the gymnasium. While you are working out you burn off calories and strange things is you keep burning them off for some hours after you´ve finished the workout.

Ching Tso - Chinese Meditation

The Chinese term for meditation is 'Ching Tso', which translated means 'sitting still with a peaceful mind'. Meditation is the training of the inner senses of the body and mind. It is as rigorous as the training undertaken by an athlete or an artist. By helping us to think clearly and concentrate fully, Ching Tso enables us to commune totally with our God, without distracting or artifical thoughts. The highest and most advanced goal of meditation is to gain 'enlightenment'. We want to go beyond the limitations of our knowledge and our three-dimensional view of the world. 

Good Things Come To Those Who Ask For Them! by Marsha Egan

Marsha Egan's Keynote Speech: Asking for things can be seen quite often in a negative light. Many people don't like to ask for help, they think it may seem needy, greedy, or weak. Of course, the reality is that asking for help isn't a sign of weakness - but exactly the opposite. It's a sign of strength, and of success.

There are many ways in which asking people for help can benefit us, such as asking for referrals, asking for assistance with aspects of our work that we're maybe not as experienced in as our primary role, or asking for feedback.

The fact is that people like being asked for help, provided it's done in a polite way and at an appropriate time. Asking someone for feedback shows that you respect the person's opinion, and asking for assistance shows that you value someone's skills and trust their abilities. Asking people for help in terms of a referral or introduction to someone is also entirely acceptable behavior - and could be seen that you are acknowledging that they are well-connected.

Thursday, July 26, 2018


A Rabbinical mystical Philosophy of ancient origin and handed down by word of mouth, the Qabalah (sometimes spelt Kabbalah or without the 'h' in either spelling) refers to the Creative source by four letters, YHVH, often pronounced as Yehovah, as the name of god was too holy to be spoken. The source is shown as a diagram, a glyph, called the 'tree of life', with ten aspects, from the physical world to the immaterial. These ten aspects, known as sephirot or containers, are, at their highest, altruistic and are required for an ethical life and show the importance of truth, compassion, justice, serenity, wisdom, charity, joy, trust, commitment, and other spiritual values which create a living, thriving tree which provides fruit, materials for building, etc., for the whole of the community. In the teaching, these spiritual values also bring health, wellbeing, respect and honour. They can be reversed by those who wish to devote their lives to evil and would represent lies, sadism, injustice, narcissism, etc., and represent a tree which bears only self serving uses. No-one would ever wish a new horn baby to grow up to be greedy, hurtful or self-serving. We all want that child to have a loving disposition and treated with care, kindness and respect. The Qabalah is a way to understand how to live a life with beauty, productivity and to make the world a better place. It also explains how to understand other people, and assess their integrity

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Relationship Breakdown Advice

 The statistics for relationship breakdown are so enormous that it shows how difficult we find maintaining a relationship. Even with someone we have a lot in common with, there are common dangers that can cause difficulties. Many relationship difficulties lead to relationship breakdown. Men and wwomen have some similarities in finding their relationship difficult, but there are also differences. If you offer equality in relationships, listen, care, be determined to make it work, it will have some staying power. When things go wrong, try to speak about it, whether it is a power play, jealousy, generalised anger, or whatever, work at it and have good will and be determined to make it work. 

Saturday, July 21, 2018

The Game of Persistence!

Persistence: As writers, we all think that our storyline, sentence structure and grammar is the best and it is only when we come up against an editor or critic that we are told that what we have written is either an illiterate mess, or amateurish and not to give up your day job. So if you are convinced that this is not so then who has the right to decide that which we have spent hours researching and correcting is unfit to be published?

Sunday, July 8, 2018

One of many guides to Meditation

Meditation is proven to be one of the simplest and most effective ways to handle stress, and it's easy enough that anyone can do it and begin enjoying the benefits immediately.  In fact, most people find that regular meditation helps them prevent stress from building up in the first place. If you have ever wanted to start a meditation practice but kept putting it off because you didn't know how to get started, you'll be pleased to know that it's probably easier than you think.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Are You Living in the Present or in the Past? by Stephen Lau

The human body is just a physical form that expresses the mental energies generated by the human mind. That is to say, when we experience something good or bad, our minds intrepret it according to our different perceptions based on our senses. These perceptions are always "in the past" becasue the human brain can react only through the senses, and such reactions always put the perceptions in the time frame of the past. In other words, you are always living in the past, rather than living in the present, because what is happening to you right now, when perceived and interpreted by your mind, has already become a thing of the past. Your sense of immediacy is only an illusion of the mind—one of the many illusions of the human mind.

The Real Truth About Success

Garrison Wynn, in his book, "The Real Truth About Success: What the top 1% do differently, why they won't tell you, and how you can do it anyway!", identifies the difference between the multitude and the masters. What separates the top one percent from everyone else is not intelligence, education, processes or even tenacity. There isn't a font of success from which to draw some secret universal skill or by which to apply a proven formula to guarantee success.

Turmeric Benefits: Exactly What You Need Be Aware Of by Sarah Diggsbee

Located in the warm parts of South Asia is a plant related to ginger referred to as turmeric. It can be used uncooked or in powder form. You can utilize turmeric to make curry and as a home remedy. It is referred to in European countries as Indian saffron.

The fascination in turmeric benefits is growing recently. Studies have shown that turmeric may help in coping with different kinds of cancer, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes along with other health conditions. Luckily for us, there are several scientific tests conducted on the many benefits of turmeric both employing animal test subjects as well as human research. The majority of the results have good evaluations of turmeric.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Anxiety and Panic

Panic attacks are very common and are hugely disabling. People who experience a panic attack often feel that they are going to die. Going outside the house, meeting people, just waking up in the morning to face the day, can trigger an attack. Until a panic attack is defined and dealt with, it is a crushing and terrifying illness. It seems to run in families. Even some doctors do not understand, they hand out tablets which have side effects and can cause addiction. If this is happening to you or someone you know, there is a great deal this person can do to help themselves.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Pulsing is a form of gentle and comfortable rocking movements which were developed in the mid 1970s by Curtis Turchin who was originally a Postural Integration therapist. He took some aspects of the Trager Approach to create a stretching and lifting style of bodywork to rock the client's body in order to release tension and stress. Rhythmic and meditative.