Thursday, December 31, 2015

Bat Printing on Pottery and Porcelain

The invention of transfer printing on porcelain and pottery was, without doubt, one of the most important innovations in the development of the ceramic industry. The honor of this development goes to the English engraver, Robert Hancock, born in Birmingham (1730-1817). We first meet Robert, recorded as a copper plate engraver at York House, at Battersea's enamel works in London. Here, beautiful little copper boxes were made for the English 18th century luxury market and quite costly objects of vertu, the so-called bijouterie, scent bottles, little snuff boxes and practical wares, such as boxes to contain sewing implements, toothpicks, trays to hold pens, canisters for tea and sugar and even candlesticks, designed to imitated expensive silver pieces.

Identity Theft - Robbing of the Soul

The other morning I had a dream about being robbed. I placed my purse with all its treasures on a store counter. In the brief moment that I looked away, the purse disappeared. With the help of a store clerk, we searched hoping that at least some of the contents as well as the purse would have been quickly discarded. Nothing was found. In the dream, I used reasoning power. I told myself that I was in a dream and there was no cause for concern. When I awakened, the message was clearly understood. If any of us desire to live in peace and harmony, we must pay attention at all times not only to what is going on in our own mind but all activity that surrounds us.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Different Kind of Religious War

WACO, Texas, April 2 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- "Who do you say that I am?" asked Jesus of his disciples. And the rest of humankind has been struggling to answer that question ever since.

Nowhere has answering this question been more divisive and more of a struggle than in resolving the tension between two seemingly rival claims: Jesus was both fully human and fully divine, and Jesus was only fully divine. This schism was central to Christianity during the Church Councils of the fifth century, when it seemed inevitable that the church would abandon its belief in the humanity of Jesus. It also is a schism that led directly to the collapse of Roman power in the east, to the rise of Islam, to the destruction of Christianity throughout much of Asia and Africa, and to the strengthening of Christianity in Europe. The mainstream Christian church kept the belief that Jesus was fully human - but at the cost of losing half the world.

Thought Is Pure, Formless, And Emotionless by Roy Klienwachter

Thought is something that is sensed by human form. It has no shape, no size, taste, smell or anything that can be perceived by the human senses. But we all think, and we are aware of the process as much as we are of our emotions. Thought cannot be created or destroyed. It lingers silently around us. It has a voice that speaks to us at a constant volume somewhere between our ears. Thought manages our body, both in and around it. The body does nothing without being preceded by a thought of action. Thought is eternal, needless and prolific. The human being on the other hand is static, lifeless and powerless. Very much like any vehicle, it requires a thought to animate it.The only thing thought does not have is experience. It has the power to create and to process information. But in itself it cannot experience what it thinks about, and is therefore incomplete. All thought, all ideas must be experienced at all levels of awareness to be complete.

What Is Spirituality by Roy Klienwachter

What is this illusive thing that people go looking for called Spirituality? Spirit is 1/3 of the individualized entity; the body or ego that we know ourselves as being alive. By our very nature we are already spiritual and everything that we do is spiritual; we do not have to go looking for it. Many people spend a lifetime looking for spirituality and they never find it; you cannot find what is not lost or already is. What they are really looking for is spiritual awareness, an awareness of that which gives us life and mobility; an awareness of self.Many people confuse religion for spirituality, but religion is man’s attempt to explain spirituality and is a part of being spiritual as all things are. You will hear people say, “This or that person is very spiritual” but that is not really accurate. There are people who are more spiritually aware than others. But you are also spiritual, so there is no need to feel left out or less spiritual. Your spirituality can be developed consciously as awareness, but your spirit is already complete as is.

When the Soul awakens by Nancy Seifer & Martin Vieweg

For millions of people around the world the year 2012 has become a signpost of “the end of the world as we know it.”  When the Soul Awakens looks beyond 2012 to the dawn of the Aquarian Age—the start of a new cycle of human evolution.   It points the way toward an era when the spiritual awakening now underway will flower into an enlightened global civilization.

Based on the Ageless Wisdom, the book sees the current worldcrises as birth pangs of a new age.  The rising tide of human suffering that has swept the planet since the start of this millennium has served to spark an expansion of consciousness among people everywhere.  This book was written for awakening souls who want to know what comes next on the evolutionary journey, and discover their role in the unfolding divine Plan.

Becoming Conscious of Your Unconscious by Kerry Needs

It was only in the 20th Century that Sigmund Freud asserted that we have an unconscious mind. Since then, many techniques have been created to figure out this 'storehouse' of our memories, dreams, and emotions. But what is the unconscious mind? And how can we utilise it to become more whole, or healthy? There are some things in life you feel you have no control over. Whether its the way you feel when you wake up in the morning, that cup of coffee you seem to need to have, or perhaps the way you think about yourself when you look in the mirror-Your unconscious mind runs all of these behaviours and beliefs. Anything that is repeated several times becomes an unconscious habit.

Conflict Between the Mind and Body Helps People Think Outside the Box

New study shows physical and psychological ambivalence leads to expanded creativity and open-mindedness

EVANSTON, Ill., June 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Think of the old saying, "grin and bear it." Can forcing a smile really have a positive impact on how people see the world, even to the point of becoming more open-minded? According to new research from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, the answer is yes. The study shows that when bodily expressions are in conflict with one's actual feelings – such as recalling a happy memory while frowning or listening to sad music while smiling – people become more likely to accept and embrace atypical ideas.

Creating your Reality by Ian Legg

The reality window, as we have accepted it for generations, is no longer valid. Too many people are finding how to step outside it. Under certain conditions, your mind can "escape" from the restrictions of this universal window. As an increasing number of individuals experience these "impossible" alternatives, universal human consciousness changes. When a critical number of people can achieve these alternative realities, then, like th 100th monkey theroy, everyone will suddenly "know" that these things can be done... a form of evolution

The Way To The Center

Start with breathing exercises and close your eyes. Visuallize that you are standing at the top of a staircase in a dark so complete you can´t see your hand in front of your face. Picture your body as it is standing on top of that staircase. Surround yourself with the colour red. Your whole body is enveloped in the colour red as you step down on step. Remember to breathe. On the next step you are surrounded by orange feel the colour orange and than step down one more step. Feel your body relax and while you step down, let the colour orange change into a warming yellow. Suffuse your aura with that yellow glow remembering to breath deeply and evenly. Take another step down slowly the yellow changes into a rich green light. Your muscles are relaxing more and more as your mind becomes clearer.

Chicken Soup for the Soul!

There were 100 little babies laying three and four to a cardboard box, strapped in the belly of a gutted cargo jet. It was 1975, Saigon was falling to the Communists, and I was accidentally caught up in the Vietnam Orphan Airlift. It was a stressful situation. If you don't have coping skills, you learn them fast!

As our plane took off, I was haunted with image of three days before when I had stood on the runway and watched as first planeload of orphans crashed after takeoff, killing half of the adults and children board. I clutched our newly adopted baby boy to my chest. Would this plane be blown out of the sky too? I trembled so hard I could barely hold our son. To cope, I started slow, deep easy breathing…the kind I'd learned from our Lamaze classes several years before. The same breathing I used to bring our daughters into our family, I was using to bring our son.

A Different View on Happiness and Peace by Shirlee Hall

Are you tired of the common madness that has dominated the world for thousands of years? In my opinion, we must first find genuine happiness to experience a lasting peace. If we do not have personal happiness, it usually is because we are out of balance. Once the balance is restored, it is possible to actually enjoy our activities regardless of how mundane. We seem to be able to do them effortlessly with grace. Happiness is the immortal nectar. To remain nourished, we need an adequate supply of the food of happiness. Perhaps, more of us need to eat and drink the light of God, the primordial food of the universe. The ego is the ultimate black hole. It sucks in light but emits none.

Royal Jelly And A Number Of Its Possible Benefits by JD Farrell

Royal jelly is in fact a product which comes from worker bees, this milky white substance is fed to the queen bee throughout her entire life. Its only objective it to arouse her growth and development. Since the queen is given this royal jelly all through her juvenile stages, it's reasonable to believe that this royal jelly basically acts on the hormone levels of the queen bee enabling her to mature more than the other bees. A hives queen may live up to seven years, yet without her special diet of royal jelly the actual queen would have had the same short life cycle of any other worker bee, seven to eight weeks.

The unique nature of Chinese White Tea by EnJie

White tea has caught the imagination of many western tea drinkers due to its unique and delicate flavor and organic image. The organic image is derived from white tea being one of the least processed teas, there being only two simple steps in white tea production - ‘withering’ and ‘dehydrating’.  The processes used in production of Green, Oolong, Black tea are typically extensions or additions of this primary process to include ‘rubbing’, ‘shaping’ or ‘baking’. The almost ‘unprocessed’ nature of White Tea minimises the breakdown of the enzymes and oxidization.

The Disease of Self-Improvement by Dr. Robert Anthony

Have you purchased self-improvement programs or read self-improvement books that you thought were going to change your life – but nothing really changed after your purchased them? You are not alone. Self-Improvement is a False Concept. Billions of dollars are spent every year on self-improvement books and programs. Why do we purchase these types of materials in the first place? It is because we are suffering from "The Disease of Self Improvement."

The Disease of Self Improvement is the false notion that somehow we are "deficient" and in order to be happy and successful we have to "improve" ourselves. The very act of trying to improve ourselves causes us to believe that there is something wrong with us in the first place.

The Tea Growing Nations of the World by Fenton Wayne

India boasts the largest tea production in the world, but there are many other countries that also produce tea including Turkey, Argentina and Russia.

It may also be hard to believe, but England also produces its very own tea. The Tregothnan Estate near Truro in Cornwall has been a commercial tea growing estate since 2005 and now actually sells its finished product to - amongst other places - China! The wet climate of south west England is idea for the tea plant.

The top ten tea producing nations of the world, based on 2008 figures are the following...

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar Mother Natures Remedy

You’re eating your share of fruits and vegetables and drinking your milk (all organic of course)! Are you taking your daily dose of raw apple cider vinegar with the mother? Whose mother? What? You’re probably questioning why you would take 2 tbsp. of something as bizarre as apple cider vinegar every morning. When most of us think of vinegar we associate it with salad dressing or marinades, maybe even something you’d use to wash the floors in your house! You’ll be amazed when you learn about just how handy this is to have at home and how beneficial it can be to your over all health. First let’s talk about the many uses of apple cider vinegar.

Breathe deeply, love deeply, live deeply

Breathing is one of life's most basic necessities. Adults take in an average of almost 25,000 breaths each day, and that's just at rest. While it's true that most of us don't stop to think about the breathing we do each day, it's important to recognize the health benefits of doing so. Take in a breath right now. It comes so naturally, doesn't it? You may not realize that you can greatly improve the way you feel inside and out, just by consciously controlling how you breathe, for even as little as an hour each day.

Am I Dreaming? by Dr Rory MacSweeney

Is this a dream? This is a question we ask ourselves from time to time but how is it that we so rarely ask it when we are actually dreaming? Moreover what would happen if we did? The answer, unfortunately, is that we would most likely convince ourselves that we are not dreaming. Invariably we tend to confabulate, creating some kind of excuse as to why we are in a place or time that we simply could not physically be in. I know this because I am an oneiric scientist, that is to say, I study the theory dreams from the inside out.

 It is of course possible to realise that we are dreaming when we are dreaming and by doing so we enter a hybrid state of conscious known as a lucid dream. In a lucid dream we are self-aware as the ego of the dream. Entering this state, however, is somewhat of an upstream swim in that the neuropsychological odds are stacked heavily against us.

Herbal Tonics For The Heart by Sherlock Danielly

Heart is a muscle with a network of arteries and veins that transports blood from and to the other organs in the body. The proper functioning of the heart nourishes the other organs and tissues in the body, but if the heart starts malfunctioning, that can cause real trouble to the body. Having and maintaining a healthy heart has lots to do with a healthy life style. A proper diet, exercise and relaxation regimen can make sure that your heart is taken care of in a helathy way. There are certain herbs that can provide for and boost the health of the heart.

Freedom from Worry

Of all the destructive things we can inflict upon ourselves, few are more destructive than the power of dark, negative emotions of worry, anxiety and worst of all fear. These are powerful emotions that can both control and be used for control. For example, the Roman Church uses these emotions for control in the context of fear of being "rejected by God" instead to be cast down to burn for all eternity in purgatory for "eternal damnation" lest the person not obey the church doctrines, and guilt through the false concept of "sin" which, in the context of the Roman church, includes many of those aspects of life that are entirely natural but can be summarised in one word - Experience.

Lucid Dreaming

Learning how to have a lucid dream is a very good and natural way of working on increasing your spiritual growth and development. It can help you awaken to more of your untapped inner abilities.You may have already experienced it once or twice without consciously trying to enter this state and now you would like to know how to have a lucid dream on a regular basis or at will. Well the good news is that because it is a natural process it can be easily repeated and you can learn how to do it on a regular basis or at will.

The Most Important Thing - Aim!

What is it you intend to achieve?

You see it doesn't matter where you are in the pack - whether you are the leader or the trail. It doesn't matter how fast you are going or who you are competing against. It doesn't matter what kind of baggage you are carrying or what you've overcome to get where you are. The only thing that matters now is where you are headed.

Your goal, your objective, your aim - is the most important thing!

Life is a playground or a battlefield - a condition you, in your mind's eye determine. While the rules are set, the options vary. The buffet of life offers a multitude of choices - some healthy, some forgiving, and some downright dangerous. You get to choose.

Life, however, has an intention. Life's purpose, life's motive, life's aim is to expand - to grow. As an element of a majestic landscape, a flourishing tapestry, an unfolding drama you have a role to perform. Your purpose is to grow - to add life - to increase value. How you contribute is not defined, but that you contribute is mandatory.

All we know of life is in motion. Every component of matter and energy, substance and awareness is changing, expanding, increasing in complexity and beauty. The note you play in the grand symphony adds to the work's texture, depth, diversity. Choose your note carefully. Your intention is the most important thing.

Your life, this world, this reality is in constant flux. Life is change. Your gift, your treasure is to experience the magnificence, the splendor, the glory of it all. The price for admission is to make a deposit - you must contribute.

Life is moving in a direction. The forces of history are amassing. The story is building toward a crescendo. The divine will is revealing its nature and its endless compassion in a tale beyond human comprehension. The secret to successfully navigate your course, to completing your journey, is to advance correctly.

The secret of success is to move in the right direction.

Make no mistake about it - to be alive is to be moving. You cannot stay still. You are either increasing or diminishing, growing or dying. Don't head in the wrong direction. Don't work against life. Don't resist the forces that beckon you to grow, to be, to become. These forces are working for your good, for our good, for the greater good.

You have chosen to live, to journey in this time and in this place. Moving is not an option. Moving toward something worthwhile, something fulfilling is.

A law of this existence, a rule of this game is that you move toward what you focus your thoughts on. Focus your thoughts wisely!

You will assuredly hit what you aim at. You are guaranteed to succeed in reaching your objective. Knowing you can't miss, choose a goal that is worth the effort. Choose a purpose, a destination that measures up to the divine promise and brilliant potential you possess. For your intention is the most important thing.

Scott F. Paradis, author of "Promise and Potential: A Life of Wisdom, Courage, Strength and Will" publishes "Insights" available for free at Copyright © 2012 Scott F Paradis 

Squash Anger and Get "Good Mood Food"

Foods can affect our moods chemically in regards to alertness and our emotional states.  In his forthcoming book entitled Stress Pandemic, lifestyle and stress expert Paul Huljich shares a simple and holistic approach to nutrition, paying added attention to the effects of what we eat on our neurochemistry.  "Ensuring that we are supporting a healthy neurochemical balance is a vital and proactive step toward managing our stress", Mr. Huljich asserts.  "When you are stressed out, emotional-eating is triggered like an automatic response. That's especially so if your body reacts strongly to stress-released hormones."

Ayurvedic home remedies

In Ayurveda, you will discover herbs that stand out because of their potential as cures for serious diseases. Turmeric is among the many spices that are honored by India's Ayurveda since this herb is full of health benefits that do not have any unintended effects at all. Turmeric is among the list of most abundant herbs in India and the whole of Asia. Initially it was used for its yellow-gold dye and strong flavor in Indian cooking.

The reported turmeric benefits are many. Now, turmeric is being implicated for cleansing the body. Some of the disorders it is used for include digestive issues, fever, infections, jaundice and dysentery. You may also expect turmeric merits to include combatting liver and gallbladder issues. It is also said to cure menstruation soreness and relieve chest congestion. Turmeric can be implicated in research concerning Alzheimer's disease.

David And Goliath Bible Stories by Michael A Verdicchio

Some people view many of the records in the Bible as "children's stories." They see them as vivid tales easily communicated to youngsters. But do those accounts in Scripture also have great value for adults too? The stories in the Bible are not just stories. They are not fairy tales or fables. They are in fact accurate descriptions of real events, and many times the details are simply mind-blowing.

The purpose of the stories we read in the Bible is not so we have something fun and entertaining to teach children. These accounts were not written for our entertainment. They were written for our learning. One in particular that is perhaps familiar to almost everybody is the record of David and Goliath. And while most people see this as a nice story for children, there is no "children's section" in the Bible. What God had written in the Scriptures is for all of God's children, young and old!

There Is More To Tea Cultivation

The second most consumed beverage next to water is tea. Interestingly enough the 3,200,000 tones of tea produced worldwide come from only one plant species, named "camellia sinensis." But how does a plant become a beverage? Tea is made by steeping processed leaves, buds, or twigs of the tea bush in hot water for a few minutes. A great variety of tea tastes, aromas and colors can excite even the most skeptical palette. If you do like tea drinking, but simply never had the opportunity to learn more about it beyond the fact that you enjoy it, you should know that there are thousands of teas offered on today's market.

Savory Stuffing Recipe

Save time, calories and fat by using an herb-seasoned stuffing mix and substituting butter with low-fat, reduced-sodium chicken broth. In addition to extra celery, onions and garlic, add some leeks -- they fight heart disease and cancer -- and you’ll end up with low-fat stuffing rich in nutrients and antioxidants! Play around with flavor to create your own customized stuffing by adding any combination of nutrient-rich vegetables, fruits, dried fruits and chopped nuts.

Blaming God For Your Problems? by Susan Russo

"Peace on the outside comes from knowing God on the inside." -Author Unknown

When something good happens to us we say, "Thank God!" (By the way, whatever your idea or beliefs of what God is, i.e. Allah, Higher Power etc. Just substitute it where I use God, and for those of you who don't believe in God, sorry and good luck.) Now where was I, oh yes, when good things happen we are so happy and we thank God for this or that blessing.

Eat (and Drink) Your Way to Better Skin

We already know that too much sun is bad for our skin. But what you may not be aware of is just how quickly you can improve the look and feel of your skin by getting the right nutrients. “Your refrigerator can be the fountain of youth when it comes to your skin,” says Sunny Lavalle, a registered dietician who has been working with clients in Miami for more than 12 years. “Besides not smoking and using sun protection, your diet is the next best thing you can do to keep your skin healthy and looking good.”

What to Eat for Better Skin: Eating a variety of foods from the major food groups is the key to promoting healthy skin -- and to keeping your diet interesting so you'll be able to keep it up, says Lavalle. She suggests: High-quality carbs: Stick to whole grains, oats, barley, wheat and bran. Stay away from white bread and pasta, which are overly processed and have lost essential nutrients.

Protein: Eating protein helps maintain collagen and elastin -- without these, the skin can become dull and age prematurely. On average, men should consume about 90 grams of protein daily, from sources like lean cuts of meat, poultry, egg whites and fish, especially wild salmon and mackerel.

Plants That Thrive In A Bathroom

Many people think that the bathroom is not the place for plants and whilst it is true that not every plant likes the environment, it is also true that some plants thrive in a bathroom. For instance a shower will create high levels of humidity and some plants that require misting do well in the muggy atmosphere of a bathroom.

Another challenge some bathrooms can offer is low lighting, if this is the case in your bathroom then choose plants that don't require a large amount of light. All plants require sunlight to photosynthesise but some plants require low levels of light.

Grades, Cuts and Shades of Diamonds by Michelle Hopkins

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, roughly the phrase goes!  But selecting the best crystal for your loved one as a unique gift or for an engagement present may require more thought. Points taken into consideration would be the size of the stone, could your partner need a dainty piece of jewelry or would they like large and flashy?. Naturally the piece will be based on your finances!

Agave Americana

Tequila is the national alcoholic drink of Mexico, famous worldwide for its unique taste and high alcohol content. It is made from the fermentation of the blue agave plant. Before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors in Mesoamerica, the ancient cultures had a similar drink that they called pulque. It's still made today, from the sap harvested from the A americana species of plant.

Agave americana is also called maguey, and also well known as the century plant due to how long it takes to flower; the nickname is a bit of a misnomer, as the plant certainly doesn't have a 100-year lifespan, but it does typically live an impressive 10 to 30 years before it flowers and dies. It originates from Mexico, but is currently cultivated all over the world, as it is a very popular ornamental plant. Over the years it has naturalized, able to grow wild in places as far away as India, Australia, South Africa, and parts of Europe.

Various And Frequently Amazing Coconut Oil Benefits by Sarah Diggsbee

During the past several decades, it's been hammered into our collective consciousness that saturated fat is bad for our wellbeing. Health professionals and the media taught us that saturated fats can cause Alzheimer's disease, being overweight, heart disease, and also increased levels of cholesterol in your body. Did you notice that in the very same six decades when we have been trying to stay away from saturated fats also marked an incredibly significant surge in the cases of these ailments?

The Importance Of Breakfast:Fact Or Fiction

Breakfast has long been pointed to by many as being the most important meal of the day. But is this just a myth passed down through the ages, or is there actual scientific verification for the statement that breakfast is important.To understand more about this subject, it is good to realise what breakfast actually is. Breakfast is the meal which 'breaks the fast' which the body has experienced over night. A fast is a time when we give our body a rest from eating.

In some cultures, people fast regulary to be sure that their bodies get a break, but night time (and sleeping) are the natural times for the body to do this. It's not something that we have to build into our lifestyle! The first meal after that sleeping is usually, then, a meal which is taken fairly early in the morning and before we begin our day's activities. It sets the scene for the body of what it is now expected to do. It kick starts, if you like, the metabolism. It signals the body to get ready for a new day.

Are You Gluten Sensitive And Don't Know It?

More and more often I find myself talking about possible ways to help digestive issues in my feng shui consultations. Digestion is considered an earth element issue as well as a "Relationship and Love Gua" issue (because it includes the stomach and abdomen), so be sure to check those traditional things out. (I like to do these first to see what kind of shift I can get.) Then, if you want to further support your health, you might consider supporting yourself by cleaning up your diet - at least for a while - to see if you see a shift towards health.

Peter Thiel Versus the American Education System

Graduates and their families celebrate achievement and recognition as they toss their tassels and march with seas of caps and gowns to accept diplomas at universities across the nation. Will these eager graduates and aspiring job seekers ever realize their dreams? Will they make enough money to pay off their student debt? According to Peter Thiel, the outlook is grim.

Peter Thiel, self-made billionaire and venture capitalist, has stirred up an ongoing controversy about the value of education. He claims college degrees may not be worth the inflated tuition costs and meager job outlook following graduation. He cites Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates as examples of college dropouts who became visionaries and made millions while helping society advance.

Controling and Changing Moods

To paraphrase Wikipedia... "A mood is a relatively long lasting emotional state. Moods differ from emotions in that they are less specific, less intense, and less likely to be triggered by a particular stimulus or event. Moods generally have either a positive or negative valence. In other words, people typically speak of being in a good mood or a bad mood. Unlike acute, emotional feelings like fear and surprise, moods often last for hours or days.
Mood also differs from temperament or personality traits which are even longer lasting. Nevertheless, personality traits such as optimism and neuroticism predispose certain types of moods. Long term disturbances of mood such as depression and bipolar disorder are considered mood disorders. Mood is an internal, subjective state, but it often can be inferred from posture and other behaviors."

Newborn Care 101 - What New Parents Need to Know!

Pediatricians with Over 50 Years Combined Experience Launch DVD for Expecting Parents
LOS ANGELES, April 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Newborn Care 101, LLC announces the release of the company's first DVD and guide, Newborn Care 101 - What Parents Need to Know, covering the most frequently asked questions by new parents to a pediatrician, from the end of pregnancy through the newborn period.

The DVD includes how to choose the right hospital and pediatrician, a newborn care class with a live audience, a baby's first examination and all the common symptoms a newborn may have from head to toe. "This DVD covers a pediatrician's view of what is important for expectant and new parents," says Dr. Michael Schoenwetter, a pediatrician with over 15 years experience. Dr. Mike states, "These are the questions new parents ask me every day in the office and in the hospital. By answering their most frequently asked questions, parents will be able to relax and actually enjoy the wonderful experience of having a newborn."