Sunday, April 10, 2016

Getting Started With NLP - Part 1

In my experience there are several factors that can prevent people from getting what they want in their lives, whether in business or in other areas:

- Lack of clear goal & evidence
- Not addressing the benefits of the current situation (aka. secondary gain)
- Familiarity of the current situation (a particularly sneaky benefit)
- Lack of belief and/or limiting beliefs

Breathe deeply, love deeply, live deeply

Breathing is one of life's most basic necessities. Adults take in an average of almost 25,000 breaths each day, and that's just at rest. While it's true that most of us don't stop to think about the breathing we do each day, it's important to recognize the health benefits of doing so. Take in a breath right now. It comes so naturally, doesn't it? You may not realize that you can greatly improve the way you feel inside and out, just by consciously controlling how you breathe, for even as little as an hour each day.

When you breathe in the air around you, your lungs transfer the oxygen into your blood. This oxygen is necessary for life's building block, our cells, to live and create within us. When you breathe out, carbon dioxide and other metabolic wastes are removed from the blood and back out into the air. For those with impaired respiratory function, such as cardiac patients or asthma sufferers, the result of improper breathing is a catastrophic build-up of toxins and extremely low levels of oxygen in the blood. The good news is that even those of us with impaired respiration can benefit from intentionally controlling our breathing.

Self Hypnosis The Trance Induction by Shawn Carson + video

This articles lays out the benefits of self hypnosis and the techniques for going into a trance. Self hypnosis is taught to all of our clients and nlp training students in New York who enjoy the benefits of being able to go into trance whenever they want or need

Why learn self hypnosis? Things can make us feel overwhelmed. During the past week I was working on my personal tax return as well as several client projects. The financial markets were in melt down and my wife was fretting over the beating our investments were taking. One of my colleagues called me with some outrageous demand on my time I felt like screaming at him. However I was able to use self hypnosis to relax, refocus and respond in a calmer and more resourceful way!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Meet Your Outer Child

An Excerpt from Taming Your Outer Child by Susan Anderson

What makes you break your diet, or run up your credit card, or be attracted to all the wrong people? You know these aren’t healthy things to do, you know you’re sabotaging your own best interest, but sometimes you just can’t help it. Sometimes you want what you want and there’s no reasoning with the devil on your shoulder!

Each of us has self­-sabotaging tendencies, the origins of which elude us. Be confused no longer! I’m here to tell you that these behaviors are attributable to a part of your personality that perhaps you didn’t even know you had: your Outer Child.

Pre Menstral Syndrome!

Pre Menstural Syndrome: Curse or Cure?

As I am a Feminine Cycle Consultant and help women understand, appreciate and track their feminine cycle to improve the quality of their lives, I thought it was time for me to speak about this much debated topic that affects so many women in our society: the Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS).

The Toltec Oracle - Victor Sanchez

Circle Review of 'The Toltec Oracle' By Victor Sanchez 274 page book, 2 sets of cards and chart, Published by Bear & Co ISBN 978-1591430261 £35 Author website:

Victor Sanchez is a Mexican author, psychotherapy trainer, retreat organiser, workshop facilitator and specialist in MesoAmerican spiritual tradition. Original artwork of the cards is from 400 year old codices. The accompanying book contains information on how to conduct a reading, various suggested spreads, an explanation of Toltec spirituality and provides the meaning for each card and its Toltec symbolism and metaphysics. It also includes information about  the indigenous words

Bernardo Kastrup

Hello Bernardo, Please tell Mind Body Spirit readers about yourself.

I have a Ph.D. in computer engineering with specializations in artificial intelligence and reconfigurable computing (computers that can re-wire themselves so to autonomously adapt to the specific task at hand). I have worked as a scientist in places like CERN in Switzerland (home to the world's largest particle accelerator, the LHC) and Philips Research in the Netherlands. I have also had a life-long scholarly interest in philosophy, both Western and Eastern.

You have a special philosophy of life based on your work with computers, can you explain this please?

Jenni Roditi interview

I would like to introduce Mind Body Spirit Magazine readers to Jenni Roditi: Please tell us something about yourself Jenni:

I’m a vocalist and composer and I live in North London. I studied composition at the Guildhall and Brunel University, which I adored and which provided me with the technical tools which still underpin my musical work. I’ve written two chamber operas, and a variety of other orchestral and choral works, and continue to compose alongside my teaching and therapeutic practice.

'The Legacy of a Truth-Seeker' Poem

The Legacy of a Truth-Seeker

Having trodden the path for cycles uncountable,
Having crossed the ocean of mind from end to end,
Through all veils, its fountainhead have I finally seen.
To you, honest truth-seeker treading the path behind me,
I grant the gift of my legacy.

I have learned thus:

Self-Love and Our Cycles by Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel

The power of self-love and our cycles by Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel

On a nice winter day ...

It was a wonderful winter day and the sun was shining so I decided to go out and give myself the pleasure to commune with nature for an hour or so.
I decided to go and see my giant friends in the wood. They are some century old beeches that form a part of the wood where I normally go walking and relaxing during my week days.
I hadn't been there to see them for a while, therefore I thought to go on my pilgrimage of love to visit my old friends.
Some of them are so big and old that they have fallen on the ground and broken in various parts. They lie on the ground with their roots exposed and show their magnificence, they are awe inspiring!

My old friends

I remember the first time that I saw a very big and old one on the ground and could not remember having seen it lying there before, therefore I realized that it must have fallen recently.
I felt inside a sharp sense of loss and grief similar to what one feels when a loved one passes away. I felt sad and mourned as if my grand-father had just died. It is natural to grieve and mourn the passing of someone or the loss of something, it is part of life.
I walked around the gigantic tree in disbelief of how big the tree was, I felt like a midget in comparison!
I wanted to cry in fact, I could almost feel the pain of the tree that couldn't stand any longer and gave up. Of course I was projecting my human experience on the beech, but I couldn't help myself.
In its death that beech was majestic, magnificent, awe inspiring, I felt speechless.

Solutions for the Journey to the New World!

The Power of Resilience in a Time of Extremes
If you’ve ever been on a journey of any kind, then you know the routine. To prepare for the trip, you first get an idea of where you’re going. You check the weather conditions, study maps, and then pack what’s needed to keep your routines alive while you’re traveling.
The key here is that when you know where you’re going, you know what to take. And when you find yourself going somewhere you’ve never been, you prepare for the unknown. It’s this simple idea that’s at the heart of this book.
Our Journey
We’re all on a journey, and it’s a big one. Our journey is leading us to a place no one has ever been. There are no travel guides or Internet trip advisors

Audible Life Stream - Alistair Conwell

The Audible Life Stream is believed to be the vibratory fabric of the universe from which all phenomena emerge and is the nature of the soul. 

The concept of the Audible Life Stream or Primordial Sound Current originates from ancient mysticism. Mysticism is based on the premise that people form their beliefs around their own spiritual experiences. One’s soul essence is believed to have an “audible” quality (but not to the physical ears) that can be tuned into in meditative silence. Furthermore, at the higher levels of consciousness, the Audible Life Stream can sound like enchanting classical music, giving the Pythagorean concept of the “music of the spheres” a deeper spiritual meaning. Interestingly, the concept of the Audible Life Stream is wholly consistent with cutting-edge scientific theories (specifically superstring theory) that proposes the entire universe is made up of tiny vibrating strings that can resonate in musical patterns. These superstrings, which can be closed like rubber-bands or open-ended, are beyond time and space (i.e. omnipresent). Consequently, superstrings have an infinite amount of energy (i.e. omnipotent). Physicists don’t go so far as to suggest that these superstrings are conscious (i.e. omniscient) in any way, creating a point of difference between mystics and physicists.   

Christian Salvation by Tim Heaton

In the season of Lent, the 46 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Day, it is traditional for Christians to embark upon a course of Bible reading, study and meditation as a way of preparing themselves in mind and spirit for the great festival of Easter. (The six Sundays of Lent are excluded, hence the popular understanding of Lent as matching the 40 days that Jesus spent in the wilderness.)

One of the best-selling Lent Courses of all time (and currently #1 in popularity on Amazon UK) is Tim Heaton's "The Long Road to Heaven", which uses the brilliant film "The Way" starring Martin Sheen as a springboard into discussion about Christian understandings of salvation. In the film, Sheen plays a bereaved father walking the Way of St James to the shrine of the Apostle at Santiago de Compostela in northwest Spain - carrying his son's ashes.

Heaton's book ends with a short story called "El Camino", which is reproduced here, and which Church Times, the world's leading Anglican newspaper, said "could stand alone as a powerful and moving allegory of salvation."

MBS Mag's Music Choice - Magdalena Atkinson

My name is Magdalena Atkinson. I am a singer and a songwriter. My new album "Songs of Power and Beauty" - with my spiritual songs is soon to be available. I am looking for the ways how to share my work with the world. Would you be interested in a due time to spare a few moments writing a short review for my album.  Some music in 1 min samples is on my website already

Spiritual theatre or deluded attention seekers in London! Video and article

‘Teen Exorcists’ is a documentary which was filmed, produced and directed by Dan Murdoch for BBC TV and shown in September. It features three teenage girls; Brynne Larson, daughter of self-styled Arizonan exorcist, Rev Bob Larson, and her two friends who are sisters, Tess and Savannah Sherkenback. These three girls wear high-heels, skin-tight jeans and leather jackets and have long hair which tumbles in curls down their back. With their red lip-stick and mascara, these stars of the show provide sex appeal and glamour to the exorcism road show with choreographed moves, polished poses for the camera and a well-rehearsed, repetitive spiel. With attempts to spark a revival in exorcism, Bob introduced Brynne to exorcisms at the age of 13 at a 3,000 person African event when he needed help to remove a Voodoo curse. Brynne was home schooled (in demonology) and tells viewers that she believes that God created the world in 7 days ‘It’s pretty cool’ she remarks and explains that demons have names like Jezebel and Abaddon and that London is ‘spiritually corrupt’ and one of the most Satanic cities in the world. Thrusting a cross into someone’s face, the girls scream ‘What’s your name?’ ‘I torment you’, and put extraordinary ideas of curses into the heads of vulnerable people. The reporter describes the scene of bullying and resultant screaming as ‘harrowing’. On a visit to the Ukraine, the group top the bill at a bible college event where 2,000 people gathered to see the spectacle.  

Daan Van Kampenhout - Shaman

The art of shamanism is a communication between souls. Water, stones, animals and humans, all nature has a soul. Nomadic cultures use trance or dream states to bring balance, empowerment and quality of life to the tribe. Daan, from the Netherlands, uses song to transmit energy and to heal, to elevate consciousness and to unite people. When he was in India, he developed a serious illness and had a series of visions. Melodies were given to him in his dreams.  

Eric Gross - The Lie!

We are in a crisis, environmentally, politically and economically. The world is in a perpetual conflict. People are seeking power and possessions as solutions to their feelings of inadequacy, dissatisfaction and lack of peace. We are brainwashed to think of ourselves as lacking rather than feel whole and healthy. We are so hungry for validation from others, seeking to impress others and live up to their expectations of what they think we should do with our lives. The effect is illusory and we are unaware that it is causing us to feel unfulfilled. There is a positive aspect to our ego and a negative aspect. Contentment should be our goal in life and to live our life free of others demands. 
Suffering teaches us compassion for others. We understand the needs of others only through suffering ourselves. The destroyed habitats of our polluted world are the result of our striving to accumulate more and more, and in doing so, we become a prisoner of our super-ego. We need to embrce the beauty of our wounds, that create awareness of what is real about our lives. Challenging the lie is refusing to adhere to what we were brought up to believe how we are to live our lives. 
Eric Gross lived in a monastery and studied under a zen master. As a seeker, he found that questioning and seeking was another trap of desire. In this video, he speaks about his breakthrough understanding about how we can be more ourselves without pressure from others. 

Rev Philip Roderick - spiritual journey

Philip Roderick was brought up as a Methodist and had an altered state of consciousness as a child in Wales. He later discovered this place was the site of an ancient monastery. He taught in Sunday School when he was 14 years old and wrote poetry as he wanted to be a poet. He became attracted and read books on the mystery traditions as a young adult. He had a vision of a woman dressed in blue whilst at University in Cardiff. He has a special interest in how the body can be used in prayer (body prayer) and developed an interest in meditation, Transcendental Meditation, the Vedic traditions, Sufism and Zen. He left teaching at a school in Hertfordshire as he felt and heard an inner calling to follow Christ and spent a year living in a hermitages in Devon and Wales. He recommends walking slowly in nature, breathing consciously, listening to music and other methods to gain stillness required for deep contemplation. He believes we need more silence to heal the ills of our society. He is now an Angelican priest who is the founder of The Quiet Garden project. Anyone from any country around the world can get involved with this venture - for information click on this link:

Drew Ryder - Passion and Motivation

Passion and Motivation: In this month’s article I thought we could explore passion and motivation, as I consider that they go together hand in hand as it were.  Let’s first look at passion.  What exactly is passion?  Passion is, as described in the Oxford English Dictionary, amongst other things, (that is to say, leaving sex out of the equation!), as a strongly felt emotion or a strong enthusiasm for something, or, the object of an intense desire or enthusiasm: some of you might choose football as this desire, or dancing, or food.

When you are passionate about something it is easy to get excited about it and this often inspires you to do something about the passion.  In other words to feel motivated in to doing something – it may well be going to watch or even play a game of football, to dance or to cook. People can be passionate about all sorts of things, what ‘floats my boat’ may not necessarily float yours.  If you have a deep desire about something then that desire or passion alone, may well be enough to motivate you.  What if it isn’t?  Or what if there is something you need to do for instance, like lose weight for health reasons, some area where there is little or no passion.  How can we get motivated?

HeatherAsh Amara - Warrior Goddess Training!

Warrior Goddess Training, Become the Woman You are Meant to Be by HeatherAsh Amara

You are whole.

You are powerful.

You are divine.

When you read these words do you feel the truth of them ringing in your bones?

Or do you instead feel the muffling weight of self-judgment and self-doubt? Perhaps you have a deep-seated belief that you are not good enough, and as a result you have tried the exhausting process of seeking value outside of yourself throughout your life.

Kim Alexis - Soul Whisperer

Hello Kim, Please tell Mind Body Spirit Magazine something about yourself.

Every fortnight I'm a radio host for UntangledFM. A radio station with experts in personal development, conscious evolution and life success. I host The Hidden Dimensions Show, (renamed Free Spirit for Audioboom)interviewing some amazing guests from around the globe who are all experts in their field of psychic/spiritual phenomena and personal transformation. Guests have included Diana Cooper, Lorna Byrne, Arielle Ford, Lisa Williams and Charlie Morley to name but a few.

Selected Poems - Quest for the One by Nicholas Hagger

Title: ‘Selected Poems’ Subtitle: ‘Quest for the One’ by Nicholas Hagger Paperback £19.99 Kindle format: £11.99: 459 pages Published by: O Books

In this compilation, Nicolas Hagger demonstrates his timeless visionary and story telling abilities. His collection of poems, ‘Quest for the One’, is enthralling and takes you on an historic and literary journey and weaved within the tapestry are the thoughts, experiences, beliefs and ideas of the author.

The preface succinctly gives the reader insight and prelude to the poems. Nicholas Hagger is a man of many skills and abilities, a historian, educator and writer, here skilfully and generously prepares us with enough information to whet our appetite before we venture through the myriad of verses of his mind and soul.

Spiritual Prozac by Avril Price

Now, what I want is Facts. Teach these boys and girls nothing but Facts. Facts alone are wanted in life. Plant nothing else, and root out everything else. You can only form the mind of reasoning animals upon Facts: nothing else will ever be of any service to them.
Charles Dickens - Hard times

I have always felt it to be a great privilege to do the job I do and I love it. I can't imagine doing anything else. However, this was not always the case.

The Philosophy and Psychology of Loneliness by Ben Lazare Mijuskovic

MBS Mag Book Launch: Feeling Lonesome: The Philosophy and Psychology of Loneliness by Ben Lazare Mijuskovic 205 pages in hardback and kindle formats:

Amazon link for purchase:

Modern Day Cathar Movement

The Cathar Association represents an international spiritual movement led by 'Blessed John of the Holy Grail'. He is a living Cathar prophet, humanitarian, writer, musician and philosopher who has written over 450 books of revelation. Blessed John has access to a divine Gnostic sphere called The Mystical Library which enables him to read authentic historic scrolls, codes, and treasure which he shares with all those called to assist earths’ current transition. John is the keeper of the Holy Grail, a receptacle within each of us which contains the fragrance of the Great Mother, known throughout the millennia under many names such as Ishtar, Aphrodite Urania, Isis, Makosha, Tara, Dhana, Brigantia, and Mary Magdelene. He explains the mystery of the Cathar cross; how we can each twelve obtain immortal bodies of light, how to climb the ladder of ascension, and how to become a crowned victor amidst a world of illusions in a holographic reality.

Alchemy, shamanism and other thoughts - Anthea Durand

A personal view of shamanism by Anthea Durand: Shamanism came to my awareness more than 10 years ago and intense journeys have taken me to many lands and to many teachers. I have trained with shamanic teachers, including Hank Wesselman, Serge Khahili  King and Elliott Cowan and I have completed shamanic journeys in America, Hawaii, Mexico, Guatemala and Nepal. 

The Mother Tongue - Will Taegel

THE MOTHER TONGUE: Intimacy In The Eco-field. 2012. Wimberley, Texas: 2nd Tier Publishers.  Available on Amazon, hard copy and Kindle.

Rub your eyes to see if scales are falling.
Perk up your ears to a rumbling sound in the distance.
The systems of Western Civilization are failing us, sliding downhill before the incredulous eyes of all humanity. Alas, some see and hear while others do not. A crumbling of foundations sounds the alarm as the beautiful edifice of the industrialized culture implodes. The stark reality of the slide and, paradoxically, the inherent possibilities show up for us with a narrative that begins with a Christmas morning drink, 2004.
Join an imaginary scene in the narration with me.

Jenni Roditi - Vocal Tai Chi

Please tell Mind Body Spirit Magazine something about yourself and how did you get involved with this type of practice and what training have you had?

I am a composer and pianist (Guildhall School, Brunel University). I studied voice outside academia in various alternative and non-classical contexts. I have been a registered Voice Movement Therapist for over twenty years. I have been involved with Tibetan Buddhism for thirty years and learnt Tai Chi in the 1980s.

Spirituality by Rebecca Beattie

On the Trail of the Nature Mystics or How Is Your Spiritual Life?

In the earliest days of working with my spiritual teacher, each group session started with the same question, 'How is your Spiritual Life?' Each person would answer in turn. Some would share what they had been reading or learning that week, and some would describe events at work. Some, like me, would recount what they had been creating that week. I was starting to spend most of my spare time crafting; making natural soaps and bath products, semi-precious jewellery, or rediscovering old hobbies like baking bread, candle making, or blending incense. The work I did in those early days led to me writing my first novel.